AdiQ patches/music

(Lars Bjerregaard) #21

Nice tune Adi! Like the rhythm and the sounds.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #22

Great patch Adi! It put me in that Eno state of mind :slight_smile: I also love playing with LFO’s for making music, it’s a wide open field.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #23

Very cool Adi, love those delay rhythms.

(Jim Nankivell) #24

Regarding your “crutch philosophy”, I think some of us (certainly me) enjoy using VCV rack as a non standard means of composition - that is, not programming a melody or complicated harmonies, but using randomness as notes and focusing on sound. I am not saying “written” music is bad, but I enjoy the freedom of melody that comes with VCV rack

EDIT: forgot to mention, good sounding patch too :grinning:

(Adi Quinn) #25

@LarsBjerregaard thanks so much for the listens and the kind words! It means a lot to me, and I hope I can keep making these interesting somehow.

@veryfungi thanks man, I just kind of discovered how to use that send/return after a someone’s post recently on FB, can’t believe its been there for probably like a year and I never used it till now. Cool stuff for sure!

@McMij thank you sir! I relate with everything you said 100%, I think I am one of these people for sure. Although we have crazy sequencing ability in VCV Rack, I think the beauty of this modular thing is the ease of just getting something going quickly, exploring sound, and just being in awe of the crazy reactions these modules and wires have with each other. Sometimes, I just wish my stuff had more structure, but yeah I find it really tough to sit there and program step by step in a sequencer in VCV past like 8-16 steps. I so enjoy just punching in a couple notes in a Quantum, fire up the s&h, and boom, melody…:slight_smile:

(Adi Quinn) #26

Used a few Arturia Solina vst’s because I am digging this synthesized string sound, brought one Solina through Rings with some white noise swooshes in the exciter mix, and another one I AM’d with the Tides2 chime sounds to get this alien-like sound. And @LarsBjerregaard I took your advice and used LFN for pretty much everything you can think of in this patch, its very cool for melodies/modulation, so thank you for that idea. more patch specific details in my youtube description.

(Jim Frye) #27

alien-like sounds!

(Antonio Tuzzi) #28

can I suggest the use of sterechorus2 and stereophaser2 ? :grin:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #29

Oh man! That’s crazy good Adi! Love those sounds and modulations. I think I want a Solina :smile: You definitely made good use of those LFN’s, well done!

(Adi Quinn) #30

@veryfungi aliensounds4life bro :sunglasses:

@synthi great suggestion! I love those 2 modules you made, especially fond of the feedback knob on your chorus. I think I turned the chorus knob up slightly on one of the Solina’s, but then it got too wide and phase-y for this patch I thought so I kept it low.

@LarsBjerregaard thanks man! I think you would love Solina or anything from the V collection like the CS-80, Easel, CMI, etc. Solina seems like a real beauty to bring into Rack, and Rings seems to love it so its definitely a keeper in my book :+1:

(Denis Tercier) #31

… And the “modular” of course. :wink: Such a beast.

(Adi Quinn) #32

Always the modular Denis! :sunglasses:

(Adi Quinn) #33

made a “minimal” patch that turned out to be pretty complicated to set up, maybe this is why I don’t like to sequence very often and just use s&h’s usually.

Somehow this seemed like a good idea today, lol try this typing this shit in your piano roll… Janneker>4Hands>4Hands>QuadEuclidianRhythm>Entropia

(Jim Nankivell) #34

That background ambient crackle throughout - I love it!

(Adi Quinn) #35

Thanks Jim, glad you enjoyed!

(Adi Quinn) #36

My 1st go with the now infamous WCO, this thing sounds ridiculously cool to me, and love how simple it is to get something going quickly. feedback into the rear somehow was magic:)

(Jim Frye) #37

Now that “Infamy” was very interesting! My brain enjoyed listening to that very much. Thanks for posting! :+1:

(Wouter Spekkink) #38

I very much relate to your last point. One of the reasons I enjoy VCV Rack is that it took me away from ‘micro-management’ of compositions, and I have embraced controlled randomness instead. I think you do that very effectively, and honestly I think there is plenty of structure to your pieces.

Personally, I currently like the idea of using a few simple sequences from a single sequencer, and building my melodies from that through polyrythms. For example, running at different lenghts or speeds, and combining the voltages in different ways, so that you get more complex and longer sequences than the ones you start with. It will still sound a bit ‘samey’, but I like the results.

(Wouter Spekkink) #39

Love the sounds!

(Alheeley) #40

great work, loving the bass and harmonics