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today i made a patch in vcv rack for the naviar haiku challenge:

the patch is driven by alan with the vactrol expansion. notes are quantized by quantum into a diminished seventh scale. two instances of basal with saturation added by ferox provide the slowly meandering melody. as usual, plateau adds lush reverb.

i processed this in reaper with some more saturation, as well as a space echo emulation and stereo widening. here is the result:


a new track for naviar haiku 279:

i used skylights alan again with its vactrol expansion, this time clocked by μgraph.
vult slap in gentle mode provides an envelope with a long attack.
distortion comes from smoke (southpole’s version of clouds) which feeds into chronoblob2 for delay. all modulated by caudal, and of course reverb by valley plateau.

post-processing and mastering in reaper.


my new album, including longer takes of the above two patches

free download / name your price

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on the ambient online forums, the one sample dare has restarted, which challenges you to make a track only using the one sample provided, without any other sound source.

i used output portal, a granular vst plugin to do the initial processing on some fragments of the sample, and imported that into vcv rack, played by nysthi sussudio and processed by southpole smoke/ritardo/camilla and plateau.

this was then recorded in reaper, with another parallel processing channel with output portal, and more reverb from valhalla vintage verb. this is the result (headphones recommended):


Sounds fantastic ablaut! Lots of depth and atmosphere.


track #37 on this compilation is by yours truly, and of course made with vcv rack


How are you? Last time I read a post of yours you were in Shanghai or something?

i’ve been living in suzhou, a city near shanghai for the past ten years. i teach primary school there at a private bilingual k-12 school.

i’m doing okay, thanks. they are slowly easing on the containment measures now that the epidemic is on its way out. we have 9 active cases remaining in the city, and there have been no new cases for over two weeks.

yesterday i went out for the first time in almost two months. i got a haircut. i no longer look like a neanderthal! :grin:

we’re expecting the local government to make an announcement on monday about when schools are to reopen.

how are things in your neck of the woods?


Hey ! Happy to hear good news from you :slightly_smiling_face:. How did that CK2 playthrougth go ? I was in quarantine home the past 2 days and i remembered you used it to pass time so i tried too haha.(but i’m so bad at this game lol) In the end the person i was exposed to doesn’t have the virus so i’m free again :smile: I don’t know how the situation is going to evolve here in Paris, i just hope i can pass my uni year, i’m already redoing right now, i don’t want to lose another one. But we can just wait and see how it will go :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super nice piece btw :wink:

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I like this piece a lot! I’m glad to hear you are surviving the craziness and we’re able to go out! I think there are now 5 cases out here in and around Chicago where I live, one of which was at the hospital I work at. They made me stay home for a day b/c of a suspected patient I had contact with while they got tested, and that was scary, so I can’t imagine not going out for 2 months.


Okay, thanks for the update. I wasn’t super worried but I was a little concerned. As for me, I’m fine. Not streaming for a while but I’ll get back to it eventually.


it’s a deep game that isn’t easy to master. and i’m only scratching the surface at the moment.

my first game didn’t go anywhere, because i had no clue of the mechanics. so i watched some videos and dug into the wiki. now, with console cheats, i can get somewhere but i still keep making noob mistakes. done right, it is certainly a game of patience and strategy that takes much longer to develop than i’m used to. should keep me busy for a while.

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That’s a lovely track Ben, really like it! And jeez… staying home for 2 months, that’s drastic, thank god you’ve had toys to play with.


something creative came out of this dark mess and being in quarantine. i made a 20’20" long dark ambient drone with two plaits and granular processing. listening in headphones is recommended.

and as free / pay-what-you-want download on bandcamp


Puissant… belle atmosphère :slightly_smiling_face:

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New genre: Quarantine music :smile:

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I like this plenty! I’d started a YT channel in 2011 for a Mars-themed dark ambient project, but lost my password after only a few uploads- the first track being Arabia Terra, so it’s never disappointing to hear other material that’s embraced a similar framework :slight_smile:


the first in a series of small, one-voice patches in vcv rack.

being alone, in isolation, is a reality for many of us in this time of the covid-19 pandemic. so i took this as inspiration to make some simple patches that tie in with that experience.


Are you in completely isolation Ben? Or are you able to get out for some fresh air and groceries once in a while? Sending you some moral support…