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today i made a patch in vcv rack for the naviar haiku challenge:

the patch is driven by alan with the vactrol expansion. notes are quantized by quantum into a diminished seventh scale. two instances of basal with saturation added by ferox provide the slowly meandering melody. as usual, plateau adds lush reverb.

i processed this in reaper with some more saturation, as well as a space echo emulation and stereo widening. here is the result:


a new track for naviar haiku 279:

i used skylights alan again with its vactrol expansion, this time clocked by μgraph.
vult slap in gentle mode provides an envelope with a long attack.
distortion comes from smoke (southpole’s version of clouds) which feeds into chronoblob2 for delay. all modulated by caudal, and of course reverb by valley plateau.

post-processing and mastering in reaper.


my new album, including longer takes of the above two patches

free download / name your price

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