Any news on the Phaseque Sequencer being added to library?


Glad to hear it, really looking forward to playing around with it in the plugin format.

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Can someone please explain to me if it is possible to use the saw input to sync ZZC in a DAW in VCV vst? what kind of signal does I have to feed it ? I read the manual and its unclear…

the regular midi clock wonkiness annoys me deeply and if I could sync it via audio sample rate I’m sure I would get much better results … just not sure how to go about it … thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I need to generate some Beat synced LFO in Cubase … any tips to a plugin that could do that ?

possibly this…

MOscillator provides 2 fully-featured modulators which can control any set of parameters including other modulators. Each modulator works as an LFO , level follower , midi/audio triggered ADSR enveloper ,randomizer or pitch detector , or even a combination and can listen to the plugin’s side-chain .

…it’s one of Melda’s free plugins

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would it sync to Cubase BPM ?Cubase already has a test tone generator but I need it to correspond to cubase bpm.

Sorry, never used Cubase because of the dongle requirements though looking forward to demoing the first upcoming version that hasn’t got that. If it doesn’t then another option could be MTremolo which does sync to DAW BPM so just stick a constant tone through it and then sync it.

I got it working with silent sleepers lfo to a send into the sidechain input of vcv rack vst , into the saw input of zzc. works like a charm. sanity is saved.