ZZC Phaseque Sequencer not found / purchased in the previous vers.

Hi Ive noticed there is no ZZC Phaseque Sequencer available in library… does somebody know what happend with it?

Its pity cause its really a cool sequencer I was hoping to see in v2, and of top of that paid one.

ZZC have a github - go over there and ask them directly?

I did thanks lieutenant

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I used to work at a place where the president said “is that programmer humor? You know, it’s like regular humor, except it isn’t funny”.

zezec said here somehere that it will be available in vcv2 soon. Just be patient.

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Yeah but its not even funny. Just the way you said it like i wouldnt know without this makes me wanna break an indian nuts ,6 of them

Just to officially confirm – yes, ZZC Phaseque eventually will be ported to Rack 2. I created a ticket on GitHub to track the issue: Phaseque: Rack 2 Compatibility · Issue #84 · zezic/ZZC · GitHub

There are some tricky ways of doing parameter management and generating undo/redo history points in this module this is why it taking some extra time for this module to be ported to V2.


Any progress on ZZC Phaseque?