ZZC Phaseque

Is there any news beside the last2 month update about the ZZC Phaseque. Was really big part of my patches, cant find any other sequencer that could full fill phaseque.

If any has any suggestions about sequencers let me know.

Thanks in advance


The next lost money within this software?

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ZZC is/was in Russia IIRC, so quite possibly lost to the fog. Maybe they are out protesting or got conscripted.

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Pretty possible.

Hope not, theres no seq like this

I found this good news from Zezic on github, from March 12:

"Hi, I’m OK, however the situation around me (and in the world) is not quite stable at the moment. But anyways, to the good, a few days ago I fixed the undo/redo history handling for Phaseque and it seems that it’s only left to repair the parameter values updating when patterns are switched.

Also I’m thinking about moving Phaseque to open source after slight code clean up."


Gooood neeews

cool,. good to hear, Phaseque is an interesting sequencer, with great design aesthetic, and your phase based clocking is super useful!


Very good news. Having Phaseque added to the pool of ppl sharing musical ideas with free/open plugins would be awesome. It’s code shared perhaps even nicer.


This sounds very interesting, I haven‘t used Phaseque before, but I want to… So, what exactly is the problem here? - Not working under VCV 2, I presume? Shouldn‘t it maybe say so in the library? - In the library it looks like I can buy it right now… Reading your comments here it also looks like I shouldn‘t at the moment…

Cheers, dDom

It may not be written on every page, but https://library.vcvrack.com/ states that:

" The “major” version (i.e. MAJOR .MINOR .REVISION ) must match between Rack and its plugins. For example, Rack 2.* can only load 2.* plugins."

Phaseque is version 1.1.3

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Thx for clarifying!

I for sure agree that it would be in improvement if they store would at least warn you a lot before selling you a module that doesn’t work with the current products. Or perhaps, as you suggest, not even offer these options?

Any word on Phaseque?

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I’ve emailed Sergey, so we’ll see what happens…

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Any news on this

No reply as yet.


any news on this?

Read my two posts above. Still no news.