Zoxnoxious analog synth VCV Rack demos

Here’s a demo video of the Z5524 card. Very happy with how this turned out: dual VCO with VCF and lots of features. The demo really flies through the feature list. If you’re interested there are other vids on the youtube with some other details.

The Z5524, like all the other Zoxnoxious cards, is open source and perpetually 6-months out from getting something the public can play with.

[edit: changed video link after redo-ing the digital FM section]


Anyone remember the Spy Hunter arcade game? One of my faves, even if I haven’t played it in the arcade in 20+ years. I’m toying around with doing a full version of this where the Spy Hunter van delivers all the Zoxnoxious synthesizer modules.

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Work in progress: tech deep dive videos on the Zoxnoxious synth. First vid will cover the Rack frontend; the next video towards the hardware / Raspberry Pi side of things. Presented without explanation here; the finished vid will have my boring monotone voice to provide explanation (or confusion) along the way.

Does anyone have points they’d be interested in seeing on how the sausage is made?


would like to know how you made all the DAC control things!

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Coming soon: I’ve redone my original Z3340 VCO card; I just got the PCB back from JLCPCB. After doing a few other designs it was useful to go back and revisit my original Zoxnoxious card. Or maybe embarrassing to revisit the design: many “oh why did I do that?” moments.

Possibly the coolest new feature of the redesign is it allows all the sync modes that the 3340 VCO offers. The datasheet describes four different sync modes; my previous build offered two of them. The new board should do all four. I’m not aware of any build that does this. Are the sync modes actually different? Eh, enough so to call it a feature. I’ll put a demo together once it’s all working. Until I improve my UI skills, it’ll have a boring interface like this:

In the meantime, here’s the sound of a space alien crop duster flying over its home world (and using the “old” version of the Z3340 VCO).

@Luca-Feelgood - I started with one of your patches for the above, with the intent of porting it to Zoxnoxious modules. Porting isn’t quite the right word, maybe mutated, and rather poorly at that compared to what you had. Still, it was fun to play with and give that a shot!


It would be interesting to know which patch you have used here.