Your Top Ten modules

What are your most loved, used and abused modules? Since i’m kind of a beginner in modular, i’ll wait for your input before sharing my top ten. Go!

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it’s hard to whittle it down to just ten, and as a result some favorites cannot be included, but here’s what i came up with:

  • valley plateau (reverb)
  • alright chronoblob2 (delay)
  • mindmeld mixmasterjr (mixer)
  • wiqid dadras (and other chaotic lfos)
  • wiqid full scope black edition
  • repelzen rewin (quantizer)
  • audible instruments random sampler (marbles)
  • audible instruments texture synthesizer (clouds)
  • lindenberg valerie ms20 filter
  • vult basal (oscillator)

Nice! Thanks

As ablaut said, ten’s not many. Pretty much every patch I create includes the following:

  1. ZZC clocks & dividers
  2. Mindmeld MixMaster / EQMaster / AuxSpander
  3. VCV Host (typically hosting Surge, Helm, u-he Podolski & u-he Colour Copy, assorted reverbs)
  4. Entrian sequencers & drums
  6. Vult Knock
  7. BogAudio S&H
  8. BogAudio Slew
  9. Stoermelder STRIP
  10. Stoermelder MIDI-CAT

Plus a liberal sprinkling of VCV scopes, always :slight_smile:


Surely almost every patch has a clock in it, and among the fine clocks out there the Impromptu Modular clocks are very popular. I’d put CLKD or Clocked on that list.


I can’t name just 10. Oscillators, filters, and effects change on whatever mood I’m in. If I had to name 1 favorite for each category it would be FM-OP, Unstabile, & Chronoblob. Clocked & Mindmeld MixmasterJr are in every patch. I also love these utilities and can’t live without them: Bog Audio S&H, Stack, Umix, LLFO. Stoermelder uMap. ML Quantum. NYSTHI AttackDecay. VCV Host & VCA-1. So yeah, that’s 14, see I couldn’t do it lol.


Jooper is my favorite


I’m using Jooper right now on a patch. I sort of wish for one that’s twice the size!

Just use two!

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Hmm…how are we defining favorites? Most used? Or uhm, favorite? They may not always be the same. For instance, my Most Used is mostly utility type modules or effects. My favorites are probably more creative type tools with a utility module here and there.

Off the top of my head and in no particular order…

Most Used (excludes Audio Out module and MIDI CV):

  1. Clocked
  2. Mindmeld Mixer
  3. Plateau
  4. Chronoblob 2
  5. Stoermelder Strip
  6. Quantum
  7. VCV Host
  8. Vult Freak
  9. Vult Slap
  10. Submarine TD-202


  1. Geodesics Branes
  2. Geodesics Entropy
  3. Vult Freak
  4. XFX Wave
  5. Bogaudio FMOP
  6. Geodesics Energy
  7. Meander
  8. Darius
  9. Hora Drums
  10. Vult Knobs

is it because of the name? :slight_smile:


I see what you did there.


@ablaut’s list is pretty close. I’d swap here and there for Bogaudio Fm-OP and Blamsoft’s XFX. ML Shift Register.

From nysthy’s famous manual :

JOOPER ---- its’ 8 channel, UNITYMIXER, MULTIPLEXER, IN-OUT SWITCH, with local and global controls. With a scene managar there was a request (Joop van der Linden) to have a complex and seletable on the fly multipath router for complex temporal structures

But you already knew that didn’t you :wink:


Yeah, I know. But I’m really using it all the time.

Vult -freak -splap

befaco -slew -atenueverter

improntu -clocked

bogaudio -pressor

allrightdevices -cronoblob2

unfiltered V1 -instant delay

VCV -chorus

ten: all others

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Just ten!!!??? That’s impossible!!!
I’m gonna use as many modules as my CPU can handle!! Picking only 10 would be unfair!!!

If you insist, I’m gonna pick 10 - but I’ll pick them for extremely unfair reasons.

  1. Valley Topograph/µGraph. Mutable Instruments’ Grid is the module that made me realize that Eurorack was more than an insular scene about an extremely expensive formalist nerd hobby. Its cross-disciplinary approach does not limit itself to a single algorithm, and is more concerned with producing useful and musical results than with exposing the beauty of its internal process.
  2. Mog Network. Mog, the developer, is a friend, and I’m a big proponent of nepotism. I might even nominate some of my own modules later in this list, if I feel like it. Did I mention my picks would be unfair? Deal. (Also I sure did done some bangers with it, tbh.)
  3. Impromptu Big-Button-Seq. Yeah, it’s kind of a flex to pick the simplest sequencer made by a dev known for making extremely powerful and complex sequencers like Foundry.
    But there’s something wonderful about the simplicity of programming a loop live. While the creator of the original physical module, LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, kinda veers into the annoying clickbait youtuber persona too much, his skills and music are legit. But there’s no way I can achieve the level of control he has over the thing he built with a stepped channel knob, so instead I’m using multiple instances of the virtual module, bound to my MIDI keyboard’s pads.
  4. Vult Disjoint. The dev is a huge filter expert so I don’t have to be. Who cares about 7-pole transistors and the nuanced history of how Roland called for a yakuza hit to gun down Korg’s offices in a blood vendetta about some CMOS Velocidensity Transconductance omerta business. I just think Vult’s filters are cool. He figures out the science of it so we don’t have to. Disjoint is great when you don’t want to overthink a big dramatic filter sweep.
  5. Squinky Labs’ Stairway. I said my list was gonna be unfair. I don’t have to keep it balanced across categories of modules. I will fill it up with nothing but filters if I feel like it. This is a threat.
  6. RJModules Octo. I have better things to do with my limited lifespan on this stupid planet than to program a LFO just to make my songs slowly evolve uncontrollably (thus differentiating them from a mere 4 bar loop). I just let my module underlings figure out the details on their own.
  7. Stellare Modular Music Thing Turing Machine. Look, for writing songs, I already have a DAW, Reason. Yeah I know, VCV calls itself a DAW too, but I already have, you know, the kind of DAW where writing 4 minutes of evolving linear music isn’t an absurd exercise of masochism, but merely an impractical exercise thereof.
    So when I’m having a modular jam, you bet it’s the computer that will decide the notes to play. I know lots of people swear by Marbles instead, but I never figured that one out, while the Turing Machine is simple and predictable.
  8. Bogaudio Offset. Imagine a world without it. You can’t. You shouldn’t. Would make you contemplate despair, gaze at the abyss, and so on. Every song worth listening to is held together with duct tape and Bogaudio Offset instances.
  9. PurrSoftware Meander. Let’s not even discuss what it does (which is great and very useful musically). It’s one of the author’s life works. It’s software old enough to be my sister. When you use VCV modules, you’re not just looking at little boxes you arrange in an orderly grid. You’re connecting together with the cables you fancy the very deams of the very real humans who share a same passion across countries and generations.
  10. Stoermelder 8face. Just because the source code is out there doesn’t mean it stops being crazy impenetrable arcane magicqry. How does it even work? Magicq.

Amazing! Lots of information here. Thanks

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Didn’t expect to make anyone’s top ten. Thanks! Btw, there is a polyphonic stairway coming.


impossible to list only 10…sorry…

first of all: VCV RANDOM. I cannot have enough. it’s absolutely perfect.

then, in alphabetic order:

alikins specific value. this one with the vcv scope helped me a lot in the learning process, while having some problems due to my ignorance. probably without these two modules I would not understand some basic stuff that I use every time now. I still use them for troubleshooting.

as delay plus stereo fx. a simple delay that has everything I need.

audible instruments texture synthesizer (clouds). first module I load in a blank patch with 5 vcv random modules. I really could not even think about a life without it/them :heart:

befaco evenVCO + their slew limiter. not much to say about them, but I really like them and use them a lot.

blamsoft xfx reverb, f-35 and tube. I find them very useful and with a mapped controller I can find pretty quickly the sound I want.

bogaudio 8fo, I use it to “wave” audio here and there, left and right, before and after…perfect controllable chaos…other modules I use very often from bogaudio are dadsr(h)+, shaper+, vcamp, pressor, 1:8, 8:1, analyzer-xl and vu-meter

frozen wasteland seriously slow lfo. sometimes I have a track of 75 minutes and I can control it perfectly. easy as hell.

hetrickCV random gates, here again nothing special to say about it, but does the job perfectly.

mindmeld big mixer/eq/expander(s). f$ck finally!

nysthi: polyrec, scale, gran tunismo, tunathor (if you have an hybrid setup) and some of their weird reverbs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

sonus dept. ladrone, with some fx I can move my innards…very deep!

stoermelder nanomap, but I use at least 10 out of 21 actually of this collection

submarine wr-101 wire manager

tiny tricks arithmetic and logic. almost impossible for me to do some tracks without them.

vcv recorder, vca, 8vert, scope, octave, quantizer, polyphonic utilities, noise, random, of course Audio16 and all midi cv cc and bingo bongo bong :broccoli:

a special mention for LindernbergResearch and the Vult Filters. when it’s time to shape a sound, I get lost with them. and it’s a pleasure :beers: