Your secret weapons - underrated modules that you love.

We’ve had some threads here and on FB recently about your top 10 modules or most used modules etc.

While interesting to a point (particularly for those starting out with VCV), this does lead to the same modules appearing over and over again in people’s lists (I’m looking at you Plateau! :wink: )

It might be interesting to have a thread which highlights some of the modules that you consider to be underrated and underused - modules which you love and can’t live without but you don’t see others use often. Hopefully it will give people an incentive to explore some modules that they may otherwise not have done.

Simply pick 1-5 modules that you believe fall into this category and give a little explanation of what it is you like about them.

I’ll pick a few to start

Frozen Wasteland Quad Algorythmic Rhythm - 4 tracks of Euclidean and Golumb ruler patterns with expanders taking care of groove, probability and warping this is a rhythm generating beast - and after the latest update reminds me of the Patterning app on iOS which can only be a good thing.

Autinn Bass - Turns any VCO into a 303 for squelchy acidic goodness. 'nuff said.

Nysthi Polyphonic LPG and Dual Dual LPG - Both inspired by the Buchla 208 LPG and both sound excellent

Anyone mentioning Valley Plateau, Impromptu Clocked, Bogaudio FM-OP or dare I say MindMeld mixers will be swiftly evicted from the thread! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t say I can’t live without any of these (or any others) but:

computerscare modules are rarely mentioned or seen. I don’t use them enough myself but when I do I find them very powerful and fun, and always wonder why they are not more ‘popular’.

NYSTHI Logic - perfect array of logic all in one small module (all NYSTHI modules are underused and underappreciated in my opinion)

SLM Mux Freak This is a lot of fun with the probability


Nysthi Const Add Mult is the only adder that’s polyphonic. Run all of the v/oct signals through it in one polyphonic cable and you can alter the pitches of your whole patch! Add woozey out of tuneness or just set the key! It slices! It dices!


computerscare Oh Peas! is a polyphonic attenuverter/offsetter & quantizer as well. It has single “offset” knob that will add/subtract from all polyphonic channels, as well as polyphonic CV for both the output attenuversion and the offset amount. Polyphony for the CV does not behave correctly per the polyphony specification but I am fixing this for the next release.

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These three:

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My secret weapon is Nysthi meta aadvark 100%

  • LFN by Squinky Labs - there probably hasn’t been a patch I haven’t used it since I first found out about it. Although just recently I’ve been trying to find other ways to create slow random modulations just to change a bit.

  • Almost all utilities by Bogaudio and Alikins - simple, elegant, and extremely useful stuff.

  • BlackwavetableVCO and BlackOctasource by Erica Synths - ok these are recent discoveries for me so can’t really say they’re my secret weapons yet but I sure enjoy them a lot.

  • NYSTHI - LPGs - someone else already mentioned them. They don’t fit every situation but when they do, they’re just perfect.

  • Simplex Oscillator by Tiny Tricks & WCO by Edge - these two VCOs are among the most unique I’ve encountered in Rack. They may take a bit to set up in a way that works with the rest of the patch, but the effort definitely pays off.

But more than any other module, Host and Host FX have made my life so much easier (figuratively speaking, in reality I’m a miserable bum).


Computerscare Laundry soup: A gate (trigger?) sequencer (and clock modulator) with endless possibilities. It’s got rhythm :wink:

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention, you can have over 1 million steps per slot! (1,048,576 to be exact)


Thanks! I don’t think there are any other modules like it. Better maybe, but the same - don’t think so.

Thank you for making great tools lol.

I have no idea about the technical aspects of its operation but recently I’ve been thinking that implementing an LFN on almost any module as an internal modulation source would be so awesome.

But then again I mostly think stuff that turns out to be utterly useless haha.

well, the DSP of shifting a graphic EQ down to subsonic frequencies is slightly advanced. You could try to re-purpose my code in LFN.h, but it depends on a lot of my other code and the whole thing would spread its tendrils all over the place.

i think these are underrated:

geodesics - energy

dbiz - verbo

and no patch should be without computerscare - foly pace


See, I don’t know anything about coding, that’s why my ideas haven’t inspired the next generation of… anything lol

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Here are a couple of my secret weapons, but more from a developper perspective.

  • Submarine LA-101 logic analyser
  • Submarine HS-108 storage oscilloscope
  • BogAudio ANALYZER-XL spectrum analyser
  • VCV Scope

I guess in the end they are not so secret, but they are great weapons for battling bugs and design issues!

EDIT: now adding Submarine EO-102 (enveloppe oscilloscope), just realized it has horizontal cursors! So good!


Not sure if that oscillator is underrated but my last album sound made only by its power and… Energy has a ton of timbres! More you know that - more different sounds you will get, amazing and pretty original piece of module.


i guess none of the geodesics are really underrated but i dont hear the energy oscillator mentioned much which kind of makes it a secret weapon. i agree its capable of a ton of timbres.


ChordCV by Aaron Static

I’m just starting to play with this one but it’s incredibly useful with CV controlled root etc. and polyphonic output either in one or as 4 separate notes.


VCV Scope - It answers the eternal question, “WTF is going on here ?!”


Very true - but not sure scope falls into the ‘underrated’ or ‘don’t see people use much’ category.

Iirc it came 4th in the first ‘Which modules do you use most’ poll on the FB group.

True that. But who can’t use a little more love ? :slight_smile: