Your secret weapons - underrated modules that you love.

this oscillator, which I rarely see around, but I love modulating it!

very diverse.


@steve I’m going to underused, at least in V1. After seeing some of the aP Modules in action on videos of @VCVRackIdeas, @denis.tercier or in the VCP-31, I reminded my self that some ideas are just simply left behind. In “time”, in “evolution”, in some kind of collective memory but, still great ideas. I just wanted to say this is a great topic to discover and explore modules in VCV. Thank you for that.


yes, that aP buffer was wonderful

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Return this buffer please. made so many patches with it.

Teleport in/out from little utils this one is in almost every patch i make :slight_smile: If you like to keep patches or fixed racks neat this is a must. :slight_smile:


Ah yes - Teleport is a gem - I use 2 at the start of each row - one for clock mults and the other for clock divs and run/rest.

Frozen Wastelands “Seeds Of Change” i love randomness and here it’s controllable in some way. When you add the Expanders to it the stuff it can do is amazing.


Not trying to hijack customers from that amazing module, but have you tried our “LFN”, It’s a pretty novel take on randomness. It’s white noise into a graphic equalizer that goes down to .05 Hz!


I’d give props to Little Utils ( especially the >tp> and button modules. I see this one has already been mentioned.

I’d also love stocaudio (, especially their polyturing (!!!) polydelay and polyspread modules.


My choice is Surge for Rack collection.

The oscillators are great!


Yeah, the effects are good, too. btw, I notice that in the plugin manager there are a ton of text boxes that say “null” in them. that isn’t how they look IRL, is it?

I suspect it’s the same bug a lot of have made - when your widget is asked to draw when there is no module you crash. then the first fix is “don’t crash, even if what your draw is whack”. Then sometimes we forget step 3: make it draw something reasonable.

Or I could be 100% wrong. but they aren’t normally covered with the word “null”, are they?

In Plugin manager you see the same image with “null” as in the library, but when open a module in VCV they vanish.

Btw, your EV3 oscillator is great too, use it a lot.


Thanks! Yeah, that’s the old problem - not putting in special code to make them draw nice in that situation. All of my dropdown boxes used to say “blank”. Also Seq++ used to show a totally black screen when it was first released.

Oh! I think i remember the first release, now it shows all the markers in editor…

Seq++ is a very useful module, use it to play imported midi files from Scaler, well done! :+1:

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Ha, yes, that it. Thanks. Yeah first version had no notes, and I think no grid either. Looked terrible.