Yellowstone National Park release massive catalogue of ambient sounds into public domain for your sampling pleasure

(Lars Bjerregaard) #1

Tons of interesting sounds here to be used in patches.

Edit: Turns out it DOES have a download button for each sound, but my ad-blocker had decided to block it :slight_smile:

(Jon Heal) #2

Very nicely indexed, too.

(Daniele Zerbini) #3

Thank you Laars, I love go hunting for these sound banks treasures! (and I suppose most people here knows of Nasa and Esa libraries, just to mention one famous example…).
The only downside of that is they are eager of our already scarce time allocated to Rack, I mean, time-consuming… like huge lollipops… :yum:

(Brad Smith) #4

Thanks Lars, this is fantastic!

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #5

Nice catch @LarsBjerregaard ! I’ll have to check my bookmarks for the NASA stuff to see if I can link it as well!


Oh man. I can’t wait to download all of these and load them into Radio Music. Great find, Lars!

(Existentia Virae) #7

I foresee spending a few hours to exploring this. Tremendous find.

(Nik Jewell) #8

Thanks so much for posting these Lars. I’ve been listening to them all morning and will be feeding them into RadioMusic. Cheers.


Nice! Thanks. Do you know any ways to download them all in one pack?

(Jon Heal) #10

This link will at least let you browse the directory:

(Brad Smith) #11

…as an aside, there are some really excellent digital short wave radio stations that you can access on the internet. On one of these, you can record and download the file to your computer… I use a lot of those for sampling!!!

(Jon Heal) #12

Yes. Google WebDSR. Good stuff! :grinning:

(Antonio Tuzzi) #13

beware that in the license is written you must send $1000 psycho dollars to Yogi Bear


Or $1000 dollars worth of picnic baskets.

(Brad Smith) #15

Sure that wasn’t Yogi Berra???

(Existentia Virae) #16

That is so much more convenient. Nice find.

(Nik Jewell) #17

Once you have finished going through all the Yellowstone stuff (in a year’s time ? :slight_smile: ) there is another wealth of material here (16k BBC samples):

Note that whilst personal use is fine the licence does not permit the sounds to be used next to any advertising (should your YouTube channel get thousands of subscribers).

Should you suddenly find that you have created in Rack what you believe will be 2019’s top iTunes download the samples can be licensed.

[Less restrictive is this site that I have been using for years:]

(Alan Holding) #18

The Macaulay Library is another library of animal sounds.

(Tkehrberg) #19

Thanks for the heads up @LarsBjerregaard !

Another great royalty free set of sounds is from Adobe.