xVox Harmonic Pitch-shifter

I am excited (yes really!) to announce that there is now a freeware plugin for my xVox Harmonic Pitch-shifter module. I have been working on the hardware version for several years and released it as a DIY kit last fall. It’s got a lot of features and is pretty unique so I decided to port my firmware to VCV Rack so more people get a chance to play around with and it can decide if they want to take heat up the old soldering iron and build one.

The plugin runs exactly the same core code as the hardware version so the existing documentation for the hardware version is all good.

There is a zip file with some simple patches on the website you can download to get started.

rand1 produces a quite musical random chord progression with some drop chords thrown in for a little variation.

midipoly4 uses an external MIDI keyboard or other MIDI source source to let you play 4 note chords from a single voice.

If you try these out let me know what you think.


Hi Greg! Intriguing module! I’m experiencing some crashes when using your module on x64 mac


Hi Greg, welcome to vcv,
your module looks very promising :+1:
I will try it asap.

If you can provide more info on the crashes, e.g. anything useful in the log file, can you email me at support@gregsbrain.co

Not too sure what im looking for but this might be something…

[7.946 info src/engine/Engine.cpp:1402 fromJson] Creating module gregsbrain xVox Harmonic Pitch Shifter [7.947 debug src/xvox_bsp.cpp:728 LLReadSettingsCache] Invalid settings


EDIT: also this… i admit this one seems more “fatal” (apon trying to duplicate module)

[1074.843 info src/app/ModuleWidget.cpp:830 cloneAction] Creating module gregsbrain xVox Harmonic Pitch Shifter

[1074.843 debug src/xvox_bsp.cpp:728 LLReadSettingsCache] Invalid settings

[1074.843 info src/app/ModuleWidget.cpp:847 cloneAction] Creating module widget gregsbrain xVox Harmonic Pitch Shifter

[1074.868 fatal adapters/standalone.cpp:49 fatalSignalHandler] Fatal signal 11. Stack trace: 10: Rack(fatalSignalHandler(int)+27) 9: libsystem_platform.dylib(_sigtramp+29) 8: ???(0x0+0) 7: GLEngine(gleBindTexture+59) 6: GLEngine(glBindTexture_Exec+405) 5: libRack.dylib(glnvg__renderFlush(void*)+2034) 4: libRack.dylib(nvgEndFrame+26) 3: libRack.dylib(rack::window ::Window ::step()+1932) 2: libRack.dylib(rack::window ::Window ::run()+40) 1: Rack(main+4599) 0: libdyld.dylib(start+1)

Thanks this helps a lot. Should have a fix in a few days.


The latest plugin version 2.1.6a fixes the problem.

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the salty to be downtalked user again:

No, it still does not work! It just takes more time to get the crash!

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It seems if the preceding version is 2.1.6, and the succeeding version is 2.1.6a, VCV Rack doesn’t interpret this version number as more recent (the addition of the “a”, being a newer version, that is), and it doesn’t autoupdate. Had to delete the plugin directory manually to get the 2.1.6a downloaded and installed.

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Are you sure you were running 2.1.6a apparently Rack doesn’t recognize the “a” version as being the more recent than 2.1.6

If you are.running the “a” version, what OS are you running on and would you mind sending the log.txt file to support@gregsbrain.co

Good to know. I didn’t want to call it 2.1.7 because i use the same version number (1.7) for the firmware on the hardware module.

I love it! It’s a really minor visual thing but would be awesome if the screen “bloomed”.