XOR Electronics - Nerdseq

hey folks, is there something like the xor electronics - nerdseq in vcv, so i don’t need to use a daw with vcv ?

cheers mark

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I’ve never heard of a tracker in Vcv rack… But you might want to try Sunvox ? It has a very nice tracker interface, and i heard many users just use it as a sequencer :slight_smile:
I think you could hook it up to Vcv more easily than with a DAW :wink:

There WAS a tracker but that’s another story … :wink:


Didn’t know about it :sweat_smile:

oh okay, i will have a look, thanks !

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You could install a demo version of Renoise and connect it with a virtual midi cable (like loopBe1 or MIDIloop).
The demo is fully functional and only has the limitation that you can’t use ASIO drivers or render to wav, but if you just want to use it as a tracker for Rack over MIDI this doesn’t make a difference. It’s fully functional and can save and load, and it’s probably the nicest tracker ever.


thanks, sounds interesting !

Have you tried Renoise with VCV? If yes, would you like to share your experiences?

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renoise is wonderful, I Love it, many people say that tracker is an acquired taste and maybe it is true.

renoise use samples to create the instruments, but there is not another sampler like that, basically is an infinite modular instrument, there is something like a light vst version , Redux it have all the features of the renoise instrument , also you can load instrument created between them (Redux work in the vcv rack host, but it is not a tracker sequencer, its a instrument with a tracker to construct phrases for the instrument )

I connected the renoise and the rack on windows (loop midi and routing audio through jack) and it works very bad

on Linux, work flawlessly, you can send audio bidirectionally and midi, by default you have 8 channels, that work as sequencer, 2 to 16 audio input (I think 32 but not sure, Inever used that many ) channel mixer, , lots of native FXs and tools, vst and vsti host . timeline and the cpu consumption is a fraction of mostly of the sequencers of the rack.

you can’t send effect command which is one of the most greatest features from renoise, to the rack, but you can send midi command

in this video I m sending clock, midi and automation to the rack from renoise, mixing the vcv audio and guitar in renoise . I m not sure but I think renoise is not making any sound , but as you can see in the vcv audio 16, I m sending all the channels individually to renoise and adding effects, compression, eq and so on

I love renoise and I m a bit sad since the next week I will receive my polyend tracker I think I will continue using the renoise but solo, the polyend will be my sequencer for vcv rack

Not being able to use FX commands seems to be a drabwack, especially fast arpeggios. I think with Modular Regen Frames and it’s 4 value columns I could build up a fairly nice 4-track solution by using one module as the time-table and 4 additional modules as tracks.

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not really , for fast arpeggios and re trigger you can increase the number of the lines, it affect much more commands like C command to cut notes but other things like play reverse, start the sample en X position can be achieved sending CC automation,

the Y command (provability) work

I think I will give it a try :thinking:

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After trying out Renoise with VCV, I decided to go with ‘Regen Modular Frames’.

(I hope it will be updated to VCV 2.0)

For this reason I created a utility module named ‘Fun with Frames’.

This allows me to use one ‘Frames’ as a time-table to drive other ‘Frames’ that hold note-data and furthermore to drive more ‘Frames’ that hold track-data like arpeggios and modulation-data.



i am tempted to buy the regen plugin now but i only want the tracker. will maybe wait for rack 2.0 where i believe i can just get the tracker module?

I tried to find a solution for working with the Regen Modular Frames module to reproduce the functionality provided by a quality tracker (e.g. NerdSeq, FamiTracker, Renoise). Common funtionalities in trackers are:

  • a Time-Table to arrange sequences of Patterns
  • Patterns to hold notes, FX data, and references to Speed-Tables
  • Speed-Tables to construct fast changes in pitch and FX-data (like arpeggios, pulse-width-modulation, etc.)

My conclusion is, that with Regen Modular Frames and my module Fun with Frames, I can resemble pretty well the Time-Table and the Patterns. But for building Speed-Tables, than can be used and re-used by all Patterns, Regen Modular Frames can’t be used at all.

So in the case I need to code a module for editing Speed-Tables, I need to code a complete graphical representation for 8-bit-data and for entering and changing the hexadecimal numbers that are so typical for trackers (FF 37 E2 1A …). From there, it’s only a a stone’s throw to a complete tracker.

My question to all of you, interested in trackers and VCV:

What about having a tracker that shows its tracks horizontally rather than vertically?

I’ve never really got into trackers but I’d certainly like to try out a good one in VCV.

It seems to make a lot of sense to me to show tracks horizontally in VCV, given vertical space is so limited but horizontal space is unrestricted.

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It would also be possible to stack modules vertically and connect them as expanders. From my perspective, in this case the setup-process would be more error-prone than the setup-process using only one large module with tracks aligned horizontally.

I’m sure you probably know this but VCV’s expander mechanism only allows for modules to be placed directly to the left or right of the main module, not above/below. You can run cables between modules above/below of course and have them run similar to expanders (like the MixMaster/EQMaster relationship) - but then they are not technically expanders.