XOR Electronics - Nerdseq

hey folks, is there something like the xor electronics - nerdseq in vcv, so i don’t need to use a daw with vcv ?

cheers mark

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I’ve never heard of a tracker in Vcv rack… But you might want to try Sunvox ? It has a very nice tracker interface, and i heard many users just use it as a sequencer :slight_smile:
I think you could hook it up to Vcv more easily than with a DAW :wink:

There WAS a tracker but that’s another story … :wink:


Didn’t know about it :sweat_smile:

oh okay, i will have a look, thanks !

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You could install a demo version of Renoise and connect it with a virtual midi cable (like loopBe1 or MIDIloop).
The demo is fully functional and only has the limitation that you can’t use ASIO drivers or render to wav, but if you just want to use it as a tracker for Rack over MIDI this doesn’t make a difference. It’s fully functional and can save and load, and it’s probably the nicest tracker ever.


thanks, sounds interesting !