Xenakios's polyphonic macro oscillator ?

I use the polyphonic port of Braids by Xenakios quite a lot in my patches (not the v2 by Atelier, which is in the library). Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be in the library. He does make Win/Mac binaries available on github so I wondered if there’s a problem getting his port into the library. Anyone know ?

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If i remember correctly the 1st port evolved into the Atelier version, so that the visual appearance would make it less confusing for the public to be mistaken for the original Braids.

Therefor the Atelier version is the current version fork by Xenakios and Pyer.

This thread seems to indicate that it’s unlikely.

Atelier Palette is a fork of Plaits not Braids.

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Ah ok, my mistake!

The changed Braids/Macro Oscillator 1 would need a full redesign/rebranding before it could be included in the library. We had some talks with Pyer about doing that too, but I think Pyer is at the moment busy with other projects.

Not a problem as long as I can refer users to your github repo and the binaries there. I use your version a lot, the polyphony is sweet. :slight_smile:

I downloaded it but it isn’t in the list of modules when I go to place it. I’m on a Mac OS Catalina so I downloaded the Mac version and put the folder in my plugins folder.

I can’t build Catalina and later compatible binaries myself, that’s likely the problem with the binaries I have posted.

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Oh that explains it - thank you for clarifying. It’s a pity because I would love to use these modules :slight_smile: