Would Any Rack Plugin Devs Like To Join The Surge Team?

Hi all!

So over in Surge land we’ve been doing an enormous amount of work on several synths (Surge, B-Step, Monique, Short-Circuit), libraries (the tuning lib used in lots of places, refactoring the core of surge into standalone libraries) and platforms (CLAP, Bespoke, and to an extent Rack-integration). If you haven’t used Surge, I encourage you to give it a try or google some of the reviews!

But we’ve sort of not been keeping the surge-rack modules up to date (other than doing a port to v2, which is done)

I wrote the surge rack modules 2 years ago to debug the surge DSP, honestly, and they turned out to be somewhat useful, but since then I haven’t turned to them and, more critically, I don’t really use rack to make music so I don’t have good instincts as to what makes modules work well.

Moreover we’ve done 2 years of work on surge (new oscillator types, FX, filters, modulators, and more) and none of that is in the rack modules which are still based off of Surge 1.7, not Surge XT.

So I wanted to toss a note onto the community which is just shamelessly recruiting for someone to join us in the surge synth team and help with these modules. The surge synth team is a group of folks around the world working on our projects. Joining is easy. Show up, do stuff, don’t be a jerk. We pride ourselves on being a dynamic, welcoming, music-software based open source community. Most of our action happens on the surge discord which I’m happy to link if someone is interested.

Right now I have a branch of the rack modules which build agains the newest surge codebase but they only build on mac in our CI pipeline. Windows crashes the mingw compiler; linux has some bug i haven’t chased. But a cross platform dev could get that sorted I bet.

And then there’s a lot we could add. We’ve added like 10 filter models, 15 FX, and I think 50 wave shaper shapes since I did the port. The UI could use a refresh. And just generally there’s a chunk of an interesting open source project which is at the intersection of a very popular soft synth and a very popular euro-rack system which is just kinda there for someone to take a swing at, with help from those of us in surge land of course.

If you are interested please reply here, or find me in surge discord, or figure out why this PR fails to build and push a correction to our repo and get to work! Pull requests · surge-synthesizer/surge-rack · GitHub. Whatever you prefer :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch Paul. I hope some enterprising developer jumps on this. Some of the Surge modules are really wonderful and it sounds like there could be a lot more. Fingers crossed!


yeah i just spent half an hour on it and could make win almost build on a windows box, just not in our ci pipeline. I think it’s all tractable, just requires someone who wants to spend a bit of time following up.

And yes, we have some amazing filter modules now (try them all in the plugin if you want!) and they are all SIMD parallelized across voices - even the complicated non-linear ones - so I think those could be very nice as a standalone rack module.


pinging @netboy3 ?


Seconded @netboy3

Any release approaching? :flushed: ← (this is meant to be a curious and wishful although not very hopeful emoji)

You could’ve just checked the repository and seen that there hasn’t been any change.

The team is clearly still looking for contributors to the rack port, so until someone steps up to fill that gap there is no release to be expected.

Wishfully asking is like watching water boil or grass grow. It will only make things seem to take longer :wink:

The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life. :wink:


I did a port to the xt codebase. There’s an open pr. It works on my Mac against the new codebase.

The windows toolchain code dumps in ci, unlike msvc which we use for production surge. And takes forever

So if someone wants to help us grapple with those it’s an easy upgrade and then we could add all the new filters and oscillators too

But we need help to do that