(WINDOWS) Module beta testers?

Hi VCVers!

So I decided to port (well, rewrite) some of my old micro-controller based physical modules as VCV Rack modules. I’ll probably finish the first one sometime this week, and I realized I should probably see if anyone would be willing to test it for me in their rig.

It’s a phase distortion oscillator with some twists and modulation possibilities. While it’s pretty harsh sounding, the primary use case is as a generator for traditionally pitched lines, e.g., leads, basses, etc. as opposed to like, microtonal bloops 'n drones. Industrial kids’d dig it. Anyway, if you’re an interested windows user to whom I could just pass a zipped .dll and .png to and you’d know what to do… AND you’d be kind enough to give this a whack for me AND you’d be willing to hit me with some feedback… drop me a line. I’d appreciate it!


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Hi, I would be happy to test your modules. Especially if it is an oscillator, because I introduced every available VCV-Rack oscillator in my videos “What does this knob do?” An update with about 50 more oscillators is in the making, so I could include yours also, if you want.

Cheers, the1andonlydrno :metal::sunglasses:

FWIW I develop on Linux and I had to test some of my plugins on Windows. I ended up using the following approach:

  • Get Travis-CI to build for Windows as well (here is how I do it)
  • When I’m about to release, boot up a Windows VM on Google Cloud with a GPU (I use this image), install Rack+my build on it, and check that it works. It’s not free but testing is pretty quick and billing is per-minute so it’s cheap overall.


if it is a compiled windows version of your module I can test it here on Win10 too,
just send me a message for details

Same as rsmus7 , i can´t compile, but would test it (win8) and write feedback.

Sure thing I could do some testing.

I can test it for you and I can compile on Windows…I am on Windows 10 Pro (insider version, the one Windows users will have in the year to come)…

any news on this?

:thinking: good question, Iv’e not heard anything back after providing feedback.

Sorry for the delay guys, I’ve been a bit out of the loop. I’ve got a new version wherein I’ve incorporated (most of!) your feedback as well as a second related module based on Curtis Roads’ Pulsar Synthesis. I’ll PM you all!

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Windows 10 tester and compiler here! Would like to take a look

Thanks, Steve! PM forwarded.