Win10, ES9 plus direct sound out?

Okay I’m using Win10 and ES9 is taking triggers out and sound back into a mixer in VCV rack. I then want to send the main outs NOT back to ES9, but back to my computer headphones… which are not on ES9 drivers, but on direct sound.

When I do that VCV rack crashes, and now I’m assuming VCV rack/windows just won’t deal with 2 different sound cards. It clearly will not allow me to do that because it instantly crashed when I set it up that way.

Basically, what I’m asking for is confirmation. Do I basically need to use ONE sound card and one only with VCV rack?

BTW ES9 is on ASIO drivers and is a soundcard all on it’s own as well as the other neat things it’s doing.

So that’s it? Just one sound card at a time and the patch can continue? Add a 2nd sound card and ur toast right? I have already ruined 3 patches because of this and it’s all my fault.

Using multiple Audio modules is experimental and may crash Rack or render unstable audio.

Unless I am mistaken, Rack 2 will support multiple audio modules.

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I also use an ES-9 with multiple sound modules in Windows. It’s a bit of a pain but there are ways around this limitation. Here are 3 options:

– Jack Audio. This is free but I was never able to figure out how to make it work.

– Voicemeeter. Also free & has a lot of features, but the routing is counterintuitive and sometimes stuff crashes.

– Dante Via: not free ($60) but it’s awesome and it works exactly how you’d want this kind of thing to work. It can see all of the programs accessing your audio as well as all of your drivers. You use Dante as your main audio driver in VCV & then just drag-and-drop connections in Dante between audio devices (including the ES-9) and programs (in particular, VCV). I use it all the time with VCV rack, Ableton, and my ES-9 with no issues. It’s great.

My suggestion is to try the various free options first. If they work for you, great! They did not work for me so I eventually bought Dante Via and I love it. Good luck!

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You could also try using the free software Asio Link:

It‘s quite intimidating at first, but after setting it up it‘s very powerful and stable. I‘m using it in a mixed setup and it is really amazing having all the options of VCV and Live to drive my external gear.