VCV to Ableton up to 64 channels - ASIO LINK PRO tutorial (FREE, Windows)

This tutorial is about how to connect VCV Rack to Ableton Live on Windows with free Asio Link Pro without using deprecated VCV Bridge plugin! There are quite easy steps to do, just follow my steps to achieve best & fast results. That way of connecting allows you to use the power of VCV synth oscillators, modulations, gate & pitch sequencing and arranging tools of Ableton Live such as Session view, CPU friendly effects, automation and an arrangement view of course. You will find all needed link in the description on Youtube. Cheers!

Seems like its time to try Ableton just for VCV Rack fun. Great video. Very clear instructions. Thanks!


Thanks so much!

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Thank you Artem for this awesome tutorial.

So far it works also on Waveform, Reason, Reaktor and Cakewalk.

Thank´s to you now i can steam the VCV audio out into individual audio channels on Cakewalk which is wonderful.

Well done and all the best.