Which module to measure the frequency of an LFO / VCO

Hello, I’m looking for a module to measure the frequency of an LFO / VCO. I’m sure I’ve seen something like this before, but I can’t find it anymore. Thanks in advance.

the only thing I can think of is a pitch to voltage module like Nysthi::p2v.

No, that’s not what I meant. But you brought me to “Nysthi”, and there’s a module called “Clock Mult Div”. It’s designed for a different function, but it shows the frequency at the CLK IN input and shows the Frequency at the display on the top. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you very much.


There’s also gran tunismo which diplays the frequency and the pitch. I thought you wanted to use the frequency as cv for something else.

Yes, I think that’s the module I couldn’t remember. But I think it’s malfunctioning in the low frequency range. It doesn’t show anything below 10Hz anymore. The other module shows correctly down to 0Hz.

You may be thinking of the Ohmer module Metriks. I used it in Rack 0.6 to measure frequency. In v1.1.6 the display says that function is still under development.

Yes, I see, thank you. If it worked, it would be a good tool. But the “Clock Mult Div” makes exactly what I need.

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There is a low frequency mode, check it

Thank you, another Nysthi module. But also “Hot Tuna” has problems with frequencies below about 23Hz, as you can see in the graphic.The only module that follows the signal exactly down to 0Hz seems to be “Clock Mult Div”. But “Hot Tuna” is independently of this a very useful tool.




I think I read somewhere by Antonio that these modules don’t work reliable at low frequencies, so this might be „by design“…

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That seems to be the case for “Hot Tuna” and “Gran Tunismo”. For “Clock Mult Div” it is correct, if you assume that the display of “Woldemar” is correct.

But by the way, is there a way with your “Glue” module that the label always has the same orientation (same angle) after setting it?

Yes, there are default settings for new labels, you find them in the context menu of the module itself.

Yes, but they are always " more or less " at the selected angle, and when you copy or set a new one, the angle is again different from the previous one.

You know, I’m german, so everything has to be right-angled and neat :wink:

I’m German, too :smile: Currently you can disable skewing at all or you enable it and get a random angle for every label, just like in real life. Do you mean a third option, labels are skewed but all with the same angle?

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Oh, I see, “skew labels” is “standard.” I hadn’t actually seen (or understood) that. Now everything is ok. Thanks a lot.


You’re welcome!

HotTuna and Grantunismo by design are unreliable under 30Hz and over something I don’t remember what… :smiley: @stoermelder correct ! :slight_smile:

the Clock Mult Div is so stupid that doesn’t know that can’t detect under 10 Hz so it detect the same… :smiley:

(the CMD uses a different way to detect frequencies, using simple time calculations )

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Thank God it’s so stupid. :smile:

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Hot TUNA is reliable at engine sample rate 44.1kHz (try it) :wink:

At 48 kHz you get the very low and high “unreliable” bug.

I’ve never tested it at higher sample rate like 88.2 kHz and up.

Unless it’s only on my system??? :thinking: let’s see who confirms what I’m stating…