Where MSCHACK went to?

Am I alone here, or are other punters missing mschack in vcv 2? Among other solid kit, they make a GREAT clock.


Maybe ask the developer for porting his module to v2.

Last time I talked to them on Twitch.tv they were kind of over the whole thing. There was some idea of adding some commercial modules but they have only been released to trusted testers.

That’s been done. Felipe Coelho (aka FalkTX) responded that he’d got the plugin working for his Cardinal project. If I recall correctly there was no response from the original developer.

I really miss mscHack’s ASAF-8. A great module for bringing different voices in and out of a patch and creating scenes.

They are indeed available:

Available where? The brand isn’t in the v2 plugin manager, and the github page for mschack only talks about 1.1.0, last updated three years ago. Is that from the PR that falkTX submitted?

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he said back in december he would maybe get to it after christmas.

the htfader by htlocal is a clone of the asaf. theres also a 16 channel version


Yes, although Cardinal has an additional patch for LTO (should maybe go into that PR).

However for Rack Pro (maybe not Free) some other work is needed. Something about a restriction on panels loading resources. → VCV Manual - Migrating v1 Plugins to v2

Jooper does that pretty well.

yes, thanks Jooper is a little complicated and the last time I used it I was getting clicks when it changed but that was over a year ago and may be fixed. I’ll have to try it again. Janneker and ASAF-8 were my go to modules for scenes and voices. I’ve been using htfader with janneker or a clock but htfader uses triggers where the asaf-8 uses gates - when the gate is high its on and when its low its off. htfader needs a trigger to turn on and another to turn off. Might not seem like much but creating scenes in VCV is complicated enough :wink: I’ll keep trying with Tact and other options. The VST is a whole other ball game now.

Squink 2.0 (vicariously to the rescue!! How you been, man?

haha - just fine!.Thinking I should change my user name to be different from the modules that @robert.kock maintains :wink: