mscHack plugins for VCV Rack 2

Baconpaul (Surge Rack, Bacon Plugs and the Rack port of the Airwindows plugins) and I have completed the initial work necessary to update the mscHack plugin for VCV Rack 2. It was last released for VCV Rack version 1.

The original developer has been notified and has gotten back to us that he is fine with the creation of a fork to enable it to run in VCV Rack 2. Given that this is a fork and not initiated by the original developer, it would be appreciated if all issues are raised on Github here: Issues · baconpaul/mschack-VCV-Rack-Plugins · GitHub or added below in this thread.

Having said that, if you would like to download a build, please download the appropriate file for your operating system and architecture at Release Nightly · baconpaul/mschack-VCV-Rack-Plugins · GitHub

Right now, we have gotten the plugin to the point where it seems to work and have re-engineered the parts that made them tricky to port over to VCV Rack 2. We’ve done basic smoke tests but they are not extensively tested. We would love open issues at the repo above or feedback in the thread below.

If you would like to build your own version, the project is on the main branch at GitHub - baconpaul/mschack-VCV-Rack-Plugins: Plugins for VCV Rack

Have fun, and we hope you enjoy having these modules available for VCV Rack 2!


Fun! Thanks for working with me on this @pgatt. Look forward to what people find. And these are cool modules.

Especially testing on “not macOS” (we have done very cursory testing on other platforms) and in rack pro would be lovely.


Thanks for doing most of the heavy lifting!


So nice to have these back again. I’ve built the plugin for Mac OS x64 and arm64, clean builds with no warnings or errors. Will test some favorites later today.

Thank you !

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Yeah I finally got the docker tool chain running in my arm mac (thanks @cschol ) which helped me find the warnings on all platforms. Highly recommended and I wish I had done it earlier


I took one of my test sets and made a little video of it running and me screwing with it.

mscDemo.vcv (5.3 KB)

this also shows a bug in the triad that the pattern switch works with mouse once but not the second time. I’ll open an issue for that.


And I just pushed a fix to that bug :slight_smile: I guess I could also have used the mscHack mixers instead of mixmaster! Old habits die hard etc.

Anyway enjoy!


Big fan of these modules. Thanks for porting to v2. Curious the looks will be updated? They’re great modules but a bit rough visually.

Not currently, but we haven’t ruled it out.


I love you all! :wink: :star_struck: :+1:

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Ha ha. Thanks. It was a fun little project.

As to your question on the other thread: Most useful help right now would be some testing and accurate bug reports either here or GitHub.

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I’ll do my best about that!

I know this is not my best but in the meanwhile… MSCHACK IS BACK! :laughing:


Paul. Maybe it is the nature of ‘Ping pong’ delay. however I am seeing a high peak of -700 cv on that module when I turn up the RR, RL, LL, LR dials, it then freaks out even worse when the delays are set to full amount. This causes the Mindmeld mixer to jump into the red.

MSC Hack ping pong -700 cv MSC Hack ping pong -300000000 cv

MSCHACK tEst.vcv (8.2 KB)

Is this something that can be sorted? Much appreciated. I’m on Windows 10

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I’ll take a look sure! Sounds like a normalization problem. Our port should have left that unchanged but doesn’t mean it is correct

(In the surge delay we end up putting a variety of optional clippers in the feedback path to avoid runaway at the cost of distortion. Maybe the same trick here optionally would make sense)


nice to see an old classic getting some love, thank you all.

a while ago I fixed the ping pong delay that didnt load state properly when the GUI was not open, due to it assuming it would be present (happens on Cardinal and Rack Pro). see Fix PingPong filter cutoff value when loaded without GUI · CardinalModules/mscHack@8088351 · GitHub

might be worth importing if you have not did so already.

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Thanks. I need to apply a similar fix.

My port moved all the widgets off the modules and keeps the state in non widget module data but that update is skipped in either case.

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OK I pushed a fix for the falk issue (and opened an issue to scan other code for similar bugs); and a fix for the lorenz draw (when i lifted the waveform into the room brightness layer I didn’t also lift the crop rectangle)

The feedback one is easy to reproduce but I’m not quite sure what the solution is. The module itself has unfettered feedback.

I might choose to add a switchable soft clip at +/- 7v or +/- 12v or so (and also have no clip). Still need to peer at the code. But “its not a bug its a feature” is sort of one assessment of the bug. Turn down your feedback levels and it should subside.


Oh and @pgatt and I were chatting. We have crossed the Ts and dotted the Is to push this to rack 2 library, and think we will do it in mid-late sept. So testing and bug reports in the next 3 weeks particularly welcome.


Hello there! I don’t know if Lorenz module is supposed to work as I described in the issue I opened in github but here it is —> ISSUE

(Quote from github):

when all the parameter are DEFAULT, if I turn parameter P1 = 0 it seems that the whole module stop to work. I can twist any other knobs but I got no changes at all, both visually and audio. I have to CTRL+R the module to make it work again. I don’t know if it is intended or if it is a bug.

If I turn P1 = 1 P2 = 0.946 P3 = 0.095 All the T as DEFAULT, all the Filters as DEFAULT and all the Levels to the max (X = Y = Z = 10) it happens what you can see in the picture (THE PICTURE IS ON GITHUB) and consider that the cyan curve is static, not moving and there is no output sound I can hear.

All in all it seems (but I might be wrong, not knowing how the algorithm work) that the P1 knob/parameter work a little bit weird.

Also, sorry if I have answered so late to your question, @baconpaul on my previous issue… I put a description in my new issue. I hope it helps.

Have a great week y’all!

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