mscHack plugins for VCV Rack 2

Reported some bug(s)

Excellent bug report. Just pushed a fix for all 3.


Sorry, bit late to the party but wow, thanks so much for resurrecting these modules, especially the 6x32 Trigger Sequencer. Small issue, not sure if it’s me, but on the sequencer it appears to be functioning as a 16 step sequencer and not 32. I can’t seem to go beyond the 16th step on any channel. Am I missing something? Cheers.

This is on the Win-x64 plugin

I see the same strange 16 vs. 32 steps error. image

Another minor bug: lack of this value at startup in the context menu.


I’ll take a peek this week thanks!

Just took a peek and yeah a defensive guard was set up incorrectly. I pushed a fix and should be a new build within the hour. Thanks!


Cheers. Thanks for the fix.

Trying to recall, were these pushed to library?

I don’t think so! @pgatt did you - I did not?

No time like this week if neither of us did though. I know @pgatt spoke with both Andrew and original author so it’s just remembering to do so

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Sorry been busy, I haven’t.

I’ll try and get to it before Christmas.


There you go


Nice! And congratulations!

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Great Dronz is back. I missed that module.

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