where did the colors go in MSYS2?

I just to get nice colored output from the terminal in MSYS2. Then suddenly it went away.

Last time this hapened I re-installed msys2. Is there an easier way to fix this?

Hi @Squinky.Labs hopefully appending these two lines to the MSYS2 home/<user>/.bashrc file should do the trick:
eval "$(dircolors -b /etc/DIR_COLORS)"
alias ls="/bin/ls --color=auto"

For more custom theming, I found that one can right-click on the MSYS2/mingw-64 terminal title bar, select Options… , and in the Looks section, set a choice in the Theme dropdown. The Color Scheme Designer button links to a web widget where you can customize a Color Scheme, and export it as a configuration snippet to be appended to your MSYS2 home/<user>/.minttyrc file.

Well, I have colors, but the important thing, colors coming out of gcc, nope.

src/SampModule.cpp:464:11: warning: unused variable 'labelY' [-Wunused-variable]
  464 |     float labelY = jacksY - 25;
      |           ^~~~~~

that all came out as white text on black background.

OK, I asked teh intrawebz. This did it;

in my Makefile: FLAGS += -fdiagnostics-color=always

in bash.rc: export GCC_COLORS=

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