What should be my first DAW with Rack Pro?

3rd party plugins are only supported from ver 5. There was no support in V4 unless you bought an add on. But its all cool, I need to upgrade soon anyway. BTW, how do you find Live when compared to S1?

As far as I know there used to be, in Rack v1, because the engine samplerate and the audio module samplerate could be set differently, but I think that is gone now in Rack v2, because the audio module samplerate simply drives the engine. That’s how I’ve understood Andrew’s explanation anyway.

Sure, that’s easy, because you know the rates. But to nudge two interfaces to run at exactly the same rate? That’s what I’m skeptical of.

I see. So I´ve only tried Ableton Live for a short time but I was able to use Session view to record some ideas intro tracks, and then record a session into the Arrangement view without any issues. I will most probably replace my daw when I get enough savings for Live 11.

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Don’t have Rack Pro yet, but I can comment on DAWs that I have used / tried for reference:

  • Studio One (daily driver)

    • good UI and relatively intuitive UX
    • good performance
    • traditional workflow, not very modular
  • Reaper

    • small and portable
    • customizable and programmable
    • UI sucks (you can custom it to a great extent, but not for some widgets, and they are ugly)
    • messy and verbose menu items (fully customizable though, there are packages from the community)
  • Cubase

    • clunky UI, poor hiDPI support (fixed in recent versions)
    • crashes a lot
    • hardware DRM
  • Pro Tools

    • probably has the worst UI/UX of all major DAWs
    • unchangeable bad shortcuts
    • hardware DRM
  • FL Studio

    • good UI, although a little bit crammed
    • pattern based workflow only (maybe there is someway out, but I haven’t use it for a while)

Limited experience:

  • Live (OK)
  • Bitwig (OK)
  • Logic (hmm… Rack doesn’t have AU version now, but I think there are VST wrappers)
    • probably has the best UI of all major DAWs
    • since you’re on Mac, I’ll recommend trying it (even if Rack plugin may not work right now)
  • Ardour
    • UI is clunky
    • hard to get despite being open source
  • LMMS
    • UI is bad
    • limited feature set
    • pattern based workflow only, like FL Studio
  • Zrythm
    • buggy (as of now)
    • pretty okay UI design, but is extremely slow
      (I don’t know why but everything using GTK that I tried is like this)

once the teleport modules are released a lot of the midi routing issues will be solved

How so? Teleport modules send/receive Audio and CV. How do you think they will solve any midi routing issues?

you send the cv to another instance of rack and convert them to midi


Yeah, it’s fun. I’m routing VCV into Kontakt in Harrison for other instruments. Piano, drums currently. Drums were …fun to route, but got it together. Probably go back to Vult and others. I just wanted to see how it’d work all in all. It worked pretty good. :smiley:

Nice! One instance to arrange all sequencers and CV with overlapping modules like clock, modulation etc. and then a few instances with only a TP and Midi-Module. That is a really good idea!!!

I’m working with Cubase all the time, and it never crashes. On the rare occasion I’ve had crashes, it was always a VST that caused it.

In fact, my workflow is: produce in VCV, mix in Cubase. And that works extremely well for me.

exactly. i hope that they will release a teleport version or clone with more ins and outs as this number will be the new bottleneck.

Is anyone having problems with bitwig and rack pro? I’ve reported it but it seems that no one else has mentioned it on this forum.

what problem?

When I load a project with Rack vst in it the plugin doesn’t start, either get an error saying the plugin host died and could not read async reply, end of stream or it displays a spinning circle on the plugin generic interface and never loads.

OK yes - that will be down to a particular module - there’s a few modules causing that problem. Orangeline Fence and Dejavu for example. Maybe some Nysthi. To troubleshoot, remove modules from your patch one at a time to isolate which one is causing the problem. You can test quickly by deleting the VST and then undoing - you don’t need to quit and relaunch Bitwig each time.

I can’t access the patch though, the plugin won’t load?

I’m not sure if you can get that back or not. It’s best to always save the patches using file > save in the Rack VST as you go for backup (even though they are saved with your DAW project) . Then even if the plugin VST crashes on launch, you can delete the instance and add a fresh Rack VST with minimal template which doesn’t crash, then open your main patch from file > open in the Rack VST.

You can then do the testing to isolate the module causing the problem.

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Ah ok, yeah I was wondering if it was because I hadn’t saved it inside Rack. I think I saved one of them as a patch so I’ll give that a try. Cheers Steve.

No problem please report back if you find the module(s) responsible. I think this same problem may effect modules from a few different developers so finding out what’s responsible is quite important - particularly as it can cause patches to be lost if not saved in Rack.

btw - what Platform are you on?