What midi Controller/Keyboard are you using?

I’ll take a look at the nektar but I’m fairly sure that Beatstep pro is about 195 in most places (Amazon have it at 230 which is more than I’d be willing to pay). Scan have it for £195. Not that it makes that much difference.

Certainly looks amazing, lots of features too.

Damn I don’t know if I should get the one mentioned above at £79 or wait a few months and save up for this. I’m new to all this which doesn’t help :slight_smile:

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I have a Novation Circuit gathering dust, I wonder if that can be used with VCV?

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no harm in plugging it in and seeing. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work

yeah, you can surely use the knobs for cv, and the pads for triggers :slight_smile:

edit : just checked the web you can !

Lots of other threads on the same topic, here are some:

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yes, I have a Minilab too. And a keystep… . both work well! But lately I also have been using a Microsoft Surface Dial (works with any Windows 10 PC!) Once you get the hang of using it, It’s quite nice! You can control the rate of rotation depending on how fine you want the control to be. The nice part about it is that it doesn’t require any setting up of knobs or MIDI controls beforehand! You just put your mouse over any knob (or slider) and just start turning the dial! The only Caveat that is a bit of a habitual learning curve is that you MUST remember to click (depress) the dial before moving your mouse away from the knob. If you forget, you find that the control is still enabled and you knob goes banannas!

Midi fighter twister! 4 banks of 16 knobs that each have a separate push function. That’s 128 separate mappings. Can’t beat it and the footprint is small.

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i have an m-audio code 61, but i’ve never felt the need to hook it up with vcv rack. i only use it with vst synths and kontakt.

That seems like quite a lot of money for 16 encoders. Does it do anything else?

TouchOsc. I will show on you in the mondays video how cool is it with Rack (I hope so…)


The Fighter Twister seems to include a “sequencer mode” - see this thread:

Some other info here:

Linnstrument 128, Arturia Minipad MKII, TouchOSC on iPad.

Novation Impulse
Akai MPK mini mkII
Yamaha P90
Android phones/tablets loaded with Lemur App, Touch OSC, Lk by Imaginando, TouchDAW, and Launch Buttons plus.

wait does the nektar work with vcv i just got mine and have no clue hhow to set it up or if it even works with vcv

everything that sends midi cc messagges works fine with vcv rack.

connect the device, run rack, load a midi-cv module, select the device (nektar …), connect the cables and play it!

to map (let’s say) a pad, just load a midi-cc or a midi-gate module, select the device (nektar …), select (let’s say) the first top left box (single left mouse click) and then press a pad, you will notice that now the number of the cc message has appeared in the box, and it will be mapped to the first top left cable. repeat for other pads, knobs, faders

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Since a few months, I’ve been playing with a Behringer BCR2000 from a friend. Works great.

(the model I got behaves like a real analog device!! Every single knob keeps sending small value variations and these fluctuations seem to change in intensity according to temperature and humidity. It’s the perfect controller for modular synths…I’ve been explained that to achieve this result, you need to spill a beer on the controller and then leave it in a garage for ten years)


:smiley: I have one of those, too… some knobs got that real “vintage feel” :smiley:

But what I use are two Launchcontrol XL together with either a microkey or Beatstep Pro

Hi, I use APC40 mkII. Theres a lot of encoders and works fine, but not total recall. APC is usefull also with Live (of course) but I use it with Reaper thanks the soft DrivenByMoss4Reaper, great ! And a 37 keys from Korg.

Which works better in VCV Rack launch control xl or akai apc40 mk2. If so why? What are limits or frustrations you encounter?