What Do You Want To See In VCV?

Eventually I stopped putting screws on my modules. Yeah, not a fan.

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Yeah, I’ve removed panel screws from my module.

I used invisible magnets in mine.


I’ve wondered why people don’t put daisies or clown flaces where the ‘screws’ go.

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The screws make the panels for me. The ones without look like they will fall off the rackZ

Everybody should use the concealed fixings that I use in the Submarine modules.

I stopped buying into the screw conspiracy when i found you can remove all 4 screws in the propellerheads subtractor, and it won’t fall out


:laughing: In fairness, everyone could stop making modules with knobs and sliders. All you really need is text-fields anyway. There is something to be said for emulating the tactile experience of eurorack though. It’s one of those psychological, non-functional things that just makes it a more pleasing or even fun experience, within reason of course.

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I know a lot of this is in jest, but I will say not in jest that I don’t like the screws because they make visual clutter that distracts from useful stuff. They also take up space which I use to help keep modules small, but still have legible text.

Knobs, on the other hand, are a nice familiar metaphor that is reasonably functorial. It if were up to me I would probably opt for plain Ableton style pseudo knobs, but VCV ppl really like the photo realistic knobs.


indeed. knobs, sliders, push buttons, etc, are functional and familiar, and invite the user to interact with them.


Are you using MindMeld’s proprietary, copyright and trademarked hidden magnetic panel fixings without having paid for a license?!?

It took us years to develop those and we have children to feed!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, you are encouraging others to do the same!


Why are there no MindMeld Truck Nuts for Rack?

My apologies to the other-than-cis-male members of this forum. But I’m from Iowa. Truck nuts are still funny here.

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I’m from London and have no idea what “Truck Nuts” are…

Heading to Google now with the expectation of great amusement!

Edit: hahahahaha! :rofl: (first timer)

Hold my beer…

One thing that would make my VCV life much easier : The possibility to take all the cables coming out of a module and taking them to an other output (typically to change from a modulation source to an other). I find myself really often wanting to do a variation of a patch with say all modulation coming from semi random stuff changing to step sequencers, and when you have one output to ten modulation destinations it is tedious.


That’s a great idea, and would appear to be relatively easy to implement with a Shift + Drag cables from one port to another.


Speaking of cables, it would be nice if there could be an individual setting of the cable transparency. Or that the cable colours would also have a transparency value.

Which is about the same… but not quite.

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Oh, you reminded me about one thing i actually really want. A way to connect the stereo output of a module to the stereo input of a mixer in one simple move. That would be really awesome

Actual Mutable modules, or the clones? The latter are often VERY dreadful as far as ergonomics are concerned, but I don’t recall any actual MI modules as having those teensy-weensies.

Except…some of the modules with the horrible microscopic knobs are also modules that aren’t duplicated anywhere else in VCV. If I could just switch modules for ones that are more sensibly laid-out, then this wouldn’t be an issue, but that’s not an option in all cases.

My suspicions are that some of the coders making these ergonomic annoyances haven’t ever gotten their hands on a hardware modular, and therefore have no idea WHY some of us don’t like controls of that sort. They should sit down with a skiff of nothing but Mutable Instruments clones and find out for themselves. Plus…this is SOFTWARE, gang…you don’t have to cram a bazillion functions into 2-4 hp (or even 1 hp!), because you don’t even have to deal with needing 2-4 hp modules. You can make 'em as big as you (or users like me) want, as there’s no actual “real estate” being taken up in an expensive AF Eurorack cab or current limits to be exceeded (unless you count VCV’s processing loads, that is). In short, if you don’t have to do something…then why do it? Case in point: VCV Library - NYSTHI confusingSimpler It looks cool, it looks potent…but it also looks like an ant farm when in a build. And that’s a MILD example; try this on for a bit: VCV Library - NYSTHI µENVELOPE Uhmmm…no.

Because your tastes are not universal.

I personally like compact modules. There is no logic and nothing to argue about.

There is more than 2000 modules. It’s a good thing that we can find roughly equivalent modules in different formats.

And by the way I like these nysthi modules.


MPE support (this is just mapping poly cables to MIDI channels) for VCV Host modules.