What Do You Want To See In VCV?

What would you want to see added to VCV rack? What function or niche do you feel is not filled in Rack currently? Describe your dream additions to VCV! It could be anything! Inspired by hardware, an entirely new idea, a specific function, or a broad purpose.

Ability to use undo/redo when running VST in Ableton on a mac. Currently, undo/redo shortcuts don’t reach the plugin and are processed by Ableton.

This is a serious productivity issue.

One idea that could help here is to have a way to modify keyboard mappings for Rack. This way, one would be able to map a different key combination to undo/redo actions in Rack.

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I could definitely see the problem there, that sounds brutal…

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Lots of stuff… It would be cool to have a polyphonic mellotron, for example. I always struggle with CV in samplers. For some reason they don’t track the pitch precisely, maybe I’m doing something wrong. So choir stuff and all that is always out of pitch for me. And even if it’s my problem, mellotron as one polyphonic module and not 3-4 samplers would be a nice addition, i think.

As for the VCV itself, it would be cool to have some wireless interaction between the modules. Like if you put the Audio output module near something, it creates a feedback or an interference. Just imagine a wireless patch, it would be weird, but cool, hahaha

Also, the simple things: changing the background would be a nice feature, having a panel with buttons to go to the last module or the center of the patch…

I don’t know. It all would be cool to have, but it works fine as is.

I’d love to be able to set up standard Midi learned mappings that can be stored/recalled whatever the patch you’re in. I want to be able to right click ‘learn’ on a module, move something and get that MIDI mapping and automation done as easily as in a Arturia or U-he plugin. I want those things then exposed and available as automation lanes in my host DAW.

Have you tried my free SFZ player? It’s one of the few samplers in VCV that will play polyphonic sample banks that others make. Other ppl will probably advise you buy host and use a VST sampler.

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Oh… Nope! Though i have your collection. I’ve never used the SFZ player, cause i never though it is a polyphonic sampler! Thanks! I’ll try it

Also… Damn, it sounds exactly like a mellotron… I feel stupid, haha

The single thing that would make the most difference to me is pinch zoom on a Mac. Apple invented it after all!

well, you never know what will work and what won’t. But I think there are a bunch of Mellotron SFZ banks out there. Plogue Sforzatron Is A Free Mellotron Library In SFZ Format - Bedroom Producers Blog

Haha. Yeah, that’s what i am downloading right now


For some reason it doesn’t work. This one, the plogue sfz. It says “error: can’t open G2.flac”. Is it because it’s flac?

I’ll try to convert the files to WAV and edit the soundbank. Let’s see if it would work that way

Nope… it doesn’t work. Okay, now it works. had to edit the route to the samplers directory.

THANKS! Now i have a mellotron!

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yeah, my player is limited, but it can decode flac files. It really falls down with layered cross-fades, but it works great with most SFZ’s. And, as you discovered, a lot of times when you download them the samples end up in the wrong relationship to the .sfz files. If you get interested there are links in my manual for technical info on SFZ. It’s quite easy to make your own if you have the samples.

I was about to say that it should show an error message when it really can’t do something, but obviously you have already discovered that. From the manual: “SFZ may have several different types of sample files, although the huge majority use wav or flac. We do not read ogg or aiff files, so if you find the rare SFZ instrument that uses them you are out of luck. Unless you are motivated enough to convert them yourself.”

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Yeah. I think the problem wasn’t with flac, but with the route to the “samples” directory.

Well, the biggest downside of your SFZ player is that it doesn’t loop the samples. But that’s fine. It’s not hard to retrigger a note. Anyway, thanks for this module, it works for me! (i think it is made to play with a keyboard, so i had to think a bit how to force it to work with a polyphonic sequencer, but after that it works just fine)

Are you sure about that? the release notes say " ## added in 10.21

  • loop_mode ** one_shot mode lets drums that use it play out regardless of gate/trigger length. ** continuous and sustain allow looping of portions of a sample. often used for samples of other synthesizers.

  • loop_start, loopstart, loop-end, loopend are used by loop_mode=continuous for specifying loop points within a sample.

  • offset, end are often used to “tighten up” poorly edited samples so that the start and end correctly and cleanly.

  • oscillator allows samples to act as wavetable oscillators."

If loop isn’t working for you, and you are motivated, you should log a bug, as clearly it’s supposed to work. I don’t maintain this stuff any more, but they guy who does is very good.

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Oh yeah. i am sure! It doesn’t loop the sample. It plays it in it’s all entirety and then the sample just ends. I am not veeeery motivated, tbh, it works fine. It’s like 5 seconds for a sample, so that’s enough. If i would need some drones or pedal tones, i could just use the other sampler for this one note… BUT i could log a bug just for science. How should i do it?

It’s not a bug , the sfz file you use is based on the mellotron tapes, and a real mellotron did not lloop its tapes so you had to play in a certain way. You could edit the sfz file so that it loops but it’s a lot of work.

Ah, ok. I would first check that the SFZ in question actually uses the loop capabiltiy. Most don’t. Most hight quality SFZ use very long samples and no looping. I did eventually add looping because some low quality libraries use it - I think they were converted form sound fonts.

If the SFZ files has loops, and the player isn’t playing them correctly, that’s a bug. Here’s the active place where they can be logged. Issues · kockie69/SquinkyVCV-main · GitHub

I have to whine here. It’s very discouraging to spend months making something like this, only to have users say “meh, who cares”, possibly because they ran into a bug they never reported. One of the reasons I stopped making modules last year.

I see… Thanks! Well, it works just fine, so no need to edit the sfz then!

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Yeah, where I worked in the 80’s we used to sell custom tape racks for Mellotrons, and had a few around. When it hit the end of the tape - blamo!. And they weren’t very long.

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Oh, i didn’t mean it to sound like “who cares”, haha. It is a cool idea and a unique module and i feel stupid that i haven’t discovered it until you pointed it out, haha. I hope you will return to building modules! I use quite a lot of them, Saws and compressor and Stairway and EV3… And now the sfz player… But it is quite discouraging to have people that just drop the whole collection because of one bug and this type of stuff without sending a report… There are people like this sadly. So yeah, i hope you will come back from your retirement one day. And i bet people would appreciate it!

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Thanks, and yes, I see I was “taking out my frustrations” on you and it wasn’t justified. Sorry about that.

I did venture back into module making earlier this year, with a new “brand”: Squinkytronix. But ppl didn’t seem that interested in the modules, and they were also a lot of work, so I didn’t release them: GitHub - squinkylabs/SqHarmony