What are you Watching? (Educational)

Yeah, a very far seing man.

Yes, by our current, limited thinking (see: arrogance), in the box of what we claim to have discovered so far. Now, once someone actually understands gravity, and gain the power to manipulate/direct it, it gets to be a whole other kettle of fish. See also: Bob Lazar. But let’s not go there :slight_smile:


As it’s a link to Joe Rogan, I’m definitely not going there.


OK, first of all it is a great demostration from DivKid about a very nice module.

…but look at this double-band control mechanism! It’s hilarious! :grin:

I love how ES have been naming their analogue modules after each track on The Cocteau Twins album Treasure. It’s one of my favourite albums

it’s such a bonkers random thing to do and I’m here for it

Kind of got me thinking you could create a module with a motorised knob (no, not like in Tetsuo) and with judicious rubber band usage automate any manual eurorack knob provided it’s parked close enough to the target module.


That was great, thanks Paul.

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