What are you listening to?

(Michael Lloyd) #62

Colossus is fantastic! I’ve seen Crimson 3 different tours.I think Robert would approve.throw a little Chapman Stick in there. heh :+1:

(Paul Piko) #63

Thanks, I’ll pass that on to him!

(Domharrison) #64

Chief Keef - 3Hunna

MKthePlug - It’s Mental

(Lars Bjerregaard) #65

Yeah, Colossus is awesome. Very Robert Fripp for sure…

(Paul Piko) #66

Thanks, Cameron’s happy to hear the response!

(Sinan 166) #67

The latest record by Bluetech is a modular masterpiece, I can’t get enough of it :

Bluetech - Vessels

Other than that I pretty much listen to anything ranging from soothing acoustic guitar to complete abrasive free form improvisation like Koaru Abe. Lately I’ve been very much into Bjork, Kimbra, Stereolab and The Flashbulb.

(Paul Piko) #68

Terry Riley & Friends – ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air’ – Boiler Room Amsterdam Live Performance

(Fractalgee) #69

Listening to this old gem: https://youtu.be/x7qujZpMHbA

Rachel Flowers channeling Keith Emmerson on his Moog
still leaves me gobsmacked

(Joe Thompson) #70

Of late I have been listening to ‘Thief’ by Tangerine Dream, favourite tracks Diamond Diary, Scrap Yard, Burning Bar and Beach Scene :slight_smile:
Also I have been listening to Steven Wilson and I can’t get enough of his music just now, absolutely brilliant!!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #71

Hey, that’s really good stuff some of it! Another name discovered… thanks for sharing!

(Paul Piko) #72

(Lars Bjerregaard) #73

Me too! Holy lord…

(Fractalgee) #74

oh yeah, that is indeed great stuff!

(Joe Thompson) #75

Yeah Paul!! Great music indeed!

(Paul Piko) #76

Steve Wilson has an interesting catalogue! And of course there’s all the work he’s done helping re-release classic albums.

(Jim Nankivell) #77

I can’t wait to see him live in April - I’m seeing him in Bristol

(Joe Thompson) #78

His music has just been my soundtrack guys eh

(Sinan 166) #79

Man, Bluetech is an amazing artist, and he’s been going full modular on lately. Check out his collaborative album with In The Branches, it’s pure modular ambient beauty :

While you’re at it, I strongly recommend his quadrology of the four horsemen of the apocalypse :

(you can find the Red, Black and White Horsemen, the fourth is on its way)

Really great guy :slight_smile:

(Artem Leonov) #80

Murcof - 2005 - Remembranza. One of my favorite electronic music album.

(Erik Van Wees) #81

Oh Wow!

You might like this one too … :wink: