Welcome To Mars! #vcv2mars - 1 minute challenge

After seeing the first images from Perseverance Mars Rover I had an idea for a “modular” tribute to that incredible mission. I mounted a 1 minute video from the big 360 picture of Mars, and made a patch in VCV to accompain it. … so I invite those of YOU who are passionate about space and science fiction :alien: to make the same:

  • make a VCV patch (“what music the Rover would play if VCV was installed in its firmware” or "what music would martians generate if they could put their hands on VCV :rofl: )
  • use only FREE modules, no external MIDI/audio allowed
  • download the video here: mars.avi - Google Drive
  • add your music to the video and upload it somewhere and put the link in this forum with some details about the patch and - if you want - the link to the .vcv . You can add a few seconds at the beginning and/or at the end of the video (e.g. to show your running patch)
  • tag it with #vcv2mars
  • no deadline … until the next vcv2outerspace challenge

In order to mount the video you can use the free VSDC video editor; or you can put the music here and I’ll help you to create the video.

As an example I’ll put mine below.



The pseudo-random MusiMath sequencer (modulated by Planetz) generates a sequence of pitches for the Zefiro synth voice filtered by Bogaudio VCF. The Plateu reverb adds a little bit of space and the noise generator is used to simulate the mars wind. I’ll upload the .vcv as soon as I update my repository (some modules are updated)


This is funny because I just did a submission for a contest almost exactly like this on the Elektronauts forum. :joy: I guess I get to have another go at it, eh? :smile: Cool idea adding the video to it. :+1:

:alien: :alien: :alien: :pineapple:

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Nice track!! You can use the first minute of it recreating the bass in VCV ; or come up with another piece :grinning: (BTW also the idea of using real sounds from the mission is very cool).

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Access denied on the Google Drive link so I sent you a request. BTW, NASA has a lot of stuff at https://images.nasa.gov/ .All free.

Ops, I linked the folder, not the video file; I fixed the link


Nice! Just like Pineapple_Davie, I just created a little patch of the same topic about a week ago. I might have an other go to depict the rover in action too, not just “asleep”. :smiley:

As it is a generative patch, I don’t think that I recorded the nicest possible 9 minutes, but around the middle/end sections it is more peaceful, less dissonant. The beauty of modular and generative music is that if you are patient and sit around you will be rewarded with some nice passages you would never come about otherwise. :slight_smile: (at least for us newbies who can not control the chaos yet) :smiley:

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good idea for a challenge!

there are other free options too for getting the video and music together. it is pretty straightforward to do in the reaper daw; just take care to choose the right settings. and reaper currently has a temporary free license because of the pandemic (at the top of the download page).

another option, if you have already recorded your audio, is to use the open source tool mkvtoolnix.

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Here you go. I put together a slightly microtonal melody with some odds and ends. I had the song fade out, but the video didn’t like that, so it just stops at the end.


G.r.e.a.t. generative stuff!!! I imagine it playing in the background while Perseverance approaches the Jezero crater … :+1:

Martian’s don’t do VCV in firmware, obviously … #vcv2mars

Took slightly more than a minute … voice courtesy of NASA. The rest is all straight free VCV modules.


Alien worlds, so here’s Eine Kleine Krellmusik (krell-ish)


G.r.e.a.t.!!! This one suggests to me: “Ok, the serious guys at NASA are relaxing thinking that everything is going well and ignoring that the martians are behind the rover … ready to disassemble it and transform it into a toaster” :smiley::+1:

G.r.e.a.t. atmosphere!!! … Rover’s Artificial Intelligence module: “What the hell am I doing here, alone and without a shred of a gun … if I move forward a tire, I’m dead” … :+1:

Here’s another one for you. Martian Rituals. More minimalistic/generative.

I also posted an extended 8 minute video.

or you can download the patch and let it run for hours.


G.r.e.a.t.!!! More determined atmosphere, clearly from the alien side … waiting to “eat” the rover … :+1:

I always enjoy what gets sparked by little challenges like these… this one especially since my grandfather was a project manager for Viking- he helped design and oversee completion/delivery of the GCMS :slight_smile:


The Viking program has been incredible … and to be honest it greatly “re-dimensions” the current missions that are carried out 40+ years later with dramatically improved technology :-). There is also a nice documentary on youtube, I’ll watch it.

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so here is my contribution to the #vcv2mars​ - 1 minute challenge.

I’d like to remind you that Mars is a hostile and deadly environment for humans. This sound design should express the atmosphere. The whole patch is super simple and contains only 10 modules.

download the patch: Hostile Mars (#vcv2mars - 1 minute challenge) | Patchstorage