Welcome To Mars! #vcv2mars - 1 minute challenge

I may not pay enough attention to particular differences between modules, but I’d missed Blamsoft’s Distortion pack and oh, man is that a nice Tube!! :heart_eyes:

G.r.e.a.t. bass drone!!! From the alien perspective: “Welcome to Mars … tiny humans!”

Hello! This is my first post! I’ve been in awe of all of the submissions so far. As I was looking through the modules in the VCV library, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the module I chose, Planetz, was created by the creator of this challenge. I hope I did it some justice but I am quite a newbie to modular. I only started in December.

Here’s the video: Kyle Gray Young - One Giant Leap For Martiankind #vcv2mars - YouTube

And here’s my patch and patch notes: https://patchstorage.com/one-giant-leap-for-martiankind/

According to the following website: Cosmic Octave > Mars 144.72 Hz

“Mars is the first outer planet and has a rotation time of a little less than 2 years. In the 33rd octave it oscillates with 144.72 Hz, which agrees to the tone D. Its heliocentric color is a blue with a wavelength of about 470 Nanometers.”

144.72 Hz is just flat of a D, or if A = 433.7 Hz instead of 440 Hz. I used Planetz by Algoritmarte (who happens to be the one who started this challenge!) I searched the VCV library for different modules that had to do with space and decided to give this one a try. What an amazing module and I can’t wait to learn more about how it works! I didn’t know what to do with the 470 nanometers, so I changed the delay time in Chronoblob to 470 ms and put that in the effects loop.

Each of the four outputs from Planetz is run to four different oscillators which are all tuned to 144.72 Hz. Each oscillator has a Quantum module tuned to various notes of the whole tone scale. At first I had each one set to the entire whole tone scale but things got too chaotic so each one only has three notes.

There’s also a bit of red noise from the VCV Fundamental module (seemed appropriate for the red planet) that is meant to be the Martian wind creeping in and out.

I used Terrorform by Valley to create a bass drone on the “Martian D”, or the slightly flat D.

Lastly, I used Bogaudio’s Chirp module to attempt to tune into radio signals on Mars. Nobody has answered yet…

I hope you enjoy!


G.r.e.a.t.!!! … more overall bright tones here … “clearly recorded by the aliens before the arrival of the rover … or after the rover has been assaulted and eaten” :grinning: :+1:

(and I’m glad you enjoyed using Planetz)

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Thank you! I love your interpretation of it!

Have you made any tutorials with your modules? I’d love to learn more about using them.

Also, how do I embed a video here like others have done?

Not for now, they are focused on building generative patches and I’m still refining them; perhaps I’ll make some specific videos when I’m satisfied with their behavior. You can try to experiment after reading the (succinct) official manual on github (right click “plugin → manual” on the modules).

I think you should put only the youtube link (no text) in a line (with a blank line before and after it).

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Kinda cool I stumbled across this forum, I was working on a way to use samples from space as a composition.

I ran 4 samples from space (wish I could remember what they were, the only names I gave them were “Soyuz,” “Saturn,” “359 Kepler,” and “Tycho Brahe.”) through Paulstretch and then loaded them into a bunch of granular Voxglitch modules alongside some samples from Peter Kirn’s ESTEC percussion sample pack and looping some sounds from the Perseverance rover itself while running a generative sequence on Orca’s Heart.


Hi Algoritmarte! This one’s just for you. A little relaxing generative music to go along with NASA’s animated Mars landing video. I used a couple of your Zefrio modules for the melodic ARP part. This doesn’t count for the challenge because I used Entrian’s Melody module.


Like the kicksx4 all different - a nice way to fill out the sound.

G.r.e.a.t. !!! In this one a kind of suspended tension … “Perhaps the aliens are looking at the rover undecided whether it is a dangerous enemy or a cute little puppy” :+1:

Very nice and glad you used Zefiro (which I’m currently refining)!!! This one doesn’t count for the challenge, but (as I learned from #vcp60) you can also save the patch made with Entrian in “free player mode” so everyone can load/modify it (though the Entrian editor is disabled).

Ah ha! I see where I can save that by right clicking on Timeline. I’ll update the patch. Thanks!

I was going to use filtered noise for the drums, but it wasn’t working for the “song”. Then I used 1 kick and 3 toms, but that wasn’t working either. I kept detuning the toms and finally I just went with 4 kicks instead.

thank you @algoritmarte for this challenge (and for your lovely modules which i kinda discovered today - gonna play with zefiro for a while :slight_smile: ).

patch can be found here: vcv2mars - orientation: you've landed, now what | Patchstorage i kept ch.1,2 and 3 pretty mute and faded them in and out as i felt, ch4 is basicly ch3 after LALA module and the rest are different coloured noises fading in and out (and panning also) by vult caudal


Superb! That must be the scariest entry - WHAT’S HAPPENING BEHIND ME?


G.r.e.a.t.!!! Clearly from the rover inner circuits … “Now what? … Panic mode!” the quick change at 1:40 can mean two different things: 1) a (classical) bug in the firmware or 2) a hidden control subroutine that put it in “relaxed drunk mode” when it stays in panic mode for too long :grinning::+1:

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This is EPIC!

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#vcv2mars - here’s my take on what would be playing.


Wow! Welcome! Love that bass drone sound. The metal clangs are great too. :vulcan_salute:

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G.r.e.a.t. tension here !!! (perhaps the only change I would make is transforming the high “bells” sounds (they sounds too bell-ish at ~00:27 and ~00:57) into less “familiar” sounds changing the FM modulation/offset). In rover’s mind: the tension is high, but there are clearly no aliens out there … probably they are already flying to Earth to conquer it" :+1: