wave table VCO?

I’m kicking the tires of some wavetable VCOs. Any suggestions on ones that are easy to use? So far I have found Blamsoft, Valley and VCV WVCO easy to use. Haven’t been able to figure out seven seas or ball of confusion.

Perhaps also give Vital vst a try in host - they have a free version.


Yes, Ball of Confusion is just that.


That Iggy labs is nice! Super easy to use, and very clean.



I like the Erica BlackWaveTableVCO

VCV Library - Erica BlackWaveTableVCO

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oh, yeah, that is nice. Also super clean. I think maybe I prefer the minimal/small look of the iggy, but would need to actually use more to have a real preference.

I like the Tiny Tricks Wavetable Oscillator for the simplicity. But I think I create less tunes than presets. (It is satisfying to create various tables.)



I tried that one, but it won’t load tables from disk, will it? Looks like it wants to record stuff in real time?

Yes, correct. Recording stuff from your input, or reloading your old stuff from preset.

I reckon those 3 have you pretty much covered.

Although I would love to see either/both the E-352 or Erica Graphic VCO in VCV!

I keep an eye on this topic just to see if there’s anyone having real work experience with Bidoo Limonade. I find it visually amazing but I never managed to make a proper sound with it. I have no clue how to work with it.

what do you want to know about SevenSeas ? the tables are 256 samples, mono and are stored in 64 groups of 64 waves

you can create a WAV with the same style and import it

or you can load any wav you want

or you can record and in realtime you can play buffers

the default table of tables is under nysthi/res/sevenseas/

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When I plugged it in I assume I had the default table. but it looked unstable on a scope and I couldn’t understand what I was seeing on the spectrum analyzer. It looked like something was being modulated. So I gave up.

and it even imports Serum WTs which can be quite large so don’t try to load a huge directory of them :wink:

Switch off “Multithreaded” in the right-click menu of sevenseas and try again :smiley:


oh, yeah, works fine without multi threading. With - it just puts out noise!


Is there anything that does that you can’t do with a handful of (free) modules?

adding some info

this is something very strange for me (the MT not working) I can’t test on win or linux (because I use emulators) but I can MT on my MAC using 256 samples blocks (on i7 or m1 rosetta)

there are other params you can change: “INTERPOLATION” LOW (8 samples) HIGH (16) HCF (32 samples)

number of VCO swarmer (if swarm is active) swarmers are parasite VCOS that moves around the stereo field with slight changes in freq, phi, table, and wave

you can set from 0 to 24 swarmers every swarmer is an extra VCO to be computed

if you you use full polyphony with 24 swarmer you are computing 24 x 16 → 384 oscillators