Want to create a loud distortion patch from live sound

Hi there, I am pretty new to vcv rack and i have this art project where i will get sound in vcvrack from a contact microphone : i want to use the sound of my pen on the paper and pass it through a patch that will distort it in a very loud and uncomfortable way. I have been playing around with sone distortion module but it seem infinite the number of possibilities and i can’t quite get what i want right now. What combination of modules would you recommend me to be simple and able to do this.


Maybe you could try some “basic” super exaggerated gain into a limiter ? I am thinking “Cubic” VCV Library - DHE Modules Cubic into LMTR VCV Library - Bogaudio LMTR or something like that.

Cubic is really awesome with CV, but with audio you can get some interesting distorsions too, and it looks like you’re after that so play with it maybe ?

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Logic gates create a very square wave distortion

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I made a patch with many options for noise and I tried to simulate your input, as I don’t have any

in the patch you see the simulation, then the noise section and then the output section,
you can tweak the noise to your taste in many ways

Noise_Simulation_01.vcv (3.1 KB)

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Bit operations can be very nasty:

You can try HetrickCV’s Bitshift, Sonus Dept.'s Bitter, Bidoo’s rabBIT, and my module BitMixer (not in library yet).

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@Letheward really interesting modules you have :+1:

I made another patch using your bitMixer, and with more randomized mix output.

tho it would be really helpfull to have a recorded sample of the pen on the paper from the contact mic, to use it to find some unpleasant noises.

Noise_Simulation_03.vcv (4.3 KB)


Wow that is awsome! I will try this thank you !

Oh nice! I guess to simulate you could use any pen sound from a free library. The sound it self is not that different from just a regular recording. I use the contact microphone because i might performe live so i dont want feedback or other sounds getting in.

That is also very nice. Will play with this to!

I will definitely post the results here when im done! You people are awsome!


Do you have a link? when i search “logic gates” it gives me a lot of different modules and nothing specific to that name…

Wow that really the kind of sound im looking for! @Letheward I love your BitMixer, it reall aded a crunchy feel that was missing. So im setting up my microphone today to get the real live input sound in and i am pretty sure that this patch you made @rsmus7 is going to work great!

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There are a few different logic gates but I would try Bool from Bogaudio:

Plug your audio into the A input and use the OR output. It will turn your audio into a square wave immediately.

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