Nepeta: 3 simple but weird modules

I made 3 modules as experiments, and do like some sounds out of them, so I think I’ll share them out.

(don’t feel like being formal so I post it here instead of Announcements)


  • BitMixer - “mixing” raw bits of incoming signals by doing bit operations
  • PolyXform - multiply polyphonic inputs like they are matrices
  • Rotor - rotate 3 inputs like they are 3D vectors using rotors from Geometric Algebra



added Mac and linux builds

Nepeta folder


That’s so fast… thank you!

And thank you for making your work available.

Once the virtualbox, Ubuntu and docker-toolchain are set up, building is fast.

time make -j8 docker-plugin-build PLUGIN_DIR=~/github/rack-plugin-toolchain/plugins/Nepeta/

real 0m8.057s
user 0m0.029s
sys 0m0.022s
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Hello, compiling on Manjaro linux is fast and without errors. I like Rotor. Thanks

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soundscape.vcv (11.3 KB)

Not super relevant but I ported an old Frippertronics/Soundscape patch of mine from V1, and found myself using Rotor.