VST3 and Bitwig - Modules loading with parameters set to zero

Just got Pro in the sale and i’m having some strange behaviour with the VST3 in Bitwig. Is this a bug or do I need to change something somewhere?

When I add a new module it’ll add it with all parameters set to zero but when I add a module next to previously opened modules the previously opened will snap back to INIT.

Note Plaits all at zero and Plateau at INIT in the image below.

EDIT: Just tested CLAP in BW and all is normal there. Tested in Ableton, VST3 works as normal.

Windows or Mac ?

MacOS 10.15.7

Have submitted a ticket.

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VST3 (instrument) test from Windows 10 Pro (64-bit, 22H2), Bitwig Studio v4.4.3 (lastest, Splice) => don’t have the “zero parameters” issue you’ve mentioned:

(these modules was bring from module browser).


I’m getting a bug with the CLAP now too. Audio will stop after a few minutes. If I paste the modules into a new CLAP then I get audio again until it fails again.

On my rig, at the moment the CLAP plugin isn’t detected by Bitwig 4.4.3 (Windows) - I can’t do similar test, because CLAP isn’t supported by REAPER 6 (now my secondary DAW).

As I have read elsewhere (another topic), the CLAP issue is known by developer and will be fixed in future release.

I’m using VST2 or VST3, however. (In general, I use VST2 for instruments, and VST3 for audio effects, it’s my policy).

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Good to know about the CLAP issue. VST2 is working fine for me.


Hello! Same Problems for me! I’m using Bitwig 4.4.3, in the VST3 version when you load a module the parameters of the already loaded modules are strangely modified, (it doesn’t always happen it’s a bit random).

On the other hand the plugin in CLAP format doesn’t

show up!

I had an email from Support saying it’s a known issue and it’ll hopely be fixed soon. Support must be overrun with such a big update!


Windows ? MacOS ?

Just tried VCV using the VST3 with Bitwig on my desktop configuration under Windows 10 and I’m having the exact same issue I reported in another thread regarding my Microsoft Surface Book of parameters resetting to zero every time I load a new module.

10 to 1 it’s an array index out of bounds in heap memory error.

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Was this email from BitWig or VCV support. I’m curious as to what application is causing this behaviour.

This issue now has two separate ongoing threads here in the forum. Perhaps an admin could consolidate the two if that’s possible.

It was from VCV Support.

Thanks. I experienced this myself just today and what with the new VCV update, the inclusion of VCV as VST3 format and a recent Bitwig update I wasn’t sure where to start troubleshooting or who to contact to report.

Glad to hear thr problem is known and being sorted.



News from support. This has been fixed and will be in the next release.


Has anyone updated but still having this problem? I’ve let Support know.