VST Host and support for 32bit vs. 64bit VST plugins

Hello, I am considering buying VST Host, however I have read in the manual page that it only works with 64 bit versions, I have loads of 32 bit Vsts will these work with the said host, hallelujah, sorry got carried away there.

if the manual say , trust on that

work flawlessly on linux with 64bit pluggins btw

Thanks David, I will have to raid Vsts4free again and download all their 64 bit versions. They are free but all that searching. Such is life!

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Try jbridge.

Thanks Syborg, I keep hearing about jbridge, does that work with VST Host? I have a 64 bit version of Fruity Loops and every time I open a 32 bit Vst it crashes! So a little bit concerned about that crashing! Don’t want another crashing system!

Honestly I don’t know, never tried it with Host :stuck_out_tongue: However I recently used it for a 20 year old 32bit VST and it worked fine in Bitwig, so I guess it might work on other platforms too.

Have you conseidered using Carla? I use this daily and it is amazing. It has a patchbay and rack. Also, I think it can use any plugin format (LADSPA, LV2, DSSI, VST, VST2, VST3, LinuxVST). I really recommend it!


@ady34 I can confirm the latest version of jbridge does in fact work in Host-Fx. I had on older version of Lexicon verbs (x32) plugins and it worked with no issues, no crashes. I am running Windows 10 (x64)

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Thanks gtilde That sounds great so at least that is an option, but how would you go about linking them altogether-i.e. jbridge with VST Host and my 32Bit Vsts?

just load jbridge in host and then load the 32bit vsti in jbridge

that should work

Thanks sepineslair. Not heard of Carla before, I have just found their website but can you link that to VCV Rack or is it a separate environment? Any audio from Carla would be appreciated, I could get rid of Fruity Loops but save all the Vsts.

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@ady34 you’re welcome. 1st you need to run the utility jbridge provides. It gives you options 32->64 or 64-> 32 bits. Rather cool. It’s simple, rather intuitive, but can be a bit confusing at first. Follow the prompts and I suggest use the defaults locations it suggests for saving files. I suggest do 1 vst first, get a feel of how it works, then you can select an entire directly to do a batch. When you run the utility, it creates new “vsts” files that are saved in your designated vst appropriate location (32 or 64bits). What you actually load into Host is a that named vst wrapped file that jbridge created from the process. I am writing this from memory, but in Host, you’ll see jbridge_ as the name…it’s something like this but I’m not certain the syntax at the moment. It’ll be self evident once you browse vsts to load into Host. I hope this makes sense. If not don’t hesitate to ask, and I’ll put together some screenshots of the process. I hope this helps some, Cheers

Thanks for the details, screenshots would be good, I’m a visual learner! I have a ton of vsts but all in one folder just seperated into fx, synths folders. Most of them are 32 bits, made a decision at the time not to download 64 bits, not sure why now though. Most are free ones from Vsts4free and Vstcafe/planet. Thanks in anticipation. Much appreciated.

You can connect it to VCV with Jack.

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@ady34 sorry for the delay but here are the screenshots. I am illustrating running the program step by step, the file locations where files where created, and it running correctly. This represents me taking a 64bit plugin -> 32bit - by the way, the program does both. I am using another hosting program (Plogue Bidule https://www.plogue.com/products/bidule.html) here to demo the general process. I didn’t have a 32bit I wanted to move to 64bit. (Fun fact: Bidule can also run as a VST - this can then indeed be run within Rack using Host / Host fx) :upside_down_face:

I already had this done - so this was easier to show the process. The premise is the same when loading into Host or Host fx. i hope this helps - as you can see I am running an old vst in 32bit and it just simply works. I highly recommend the utility. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate - cheers, g~




Thank you gtilde, another string to my bow, is always useful. Does jbridge run on Windows 10, I’m hoping it does, maybe should have asked that before. Much appreciated.

you’re very welcome. Yes it does-that’s my OS, windows 10. All the above-Windows 10

Thanks once again, your knowledge is very freely shared, a great thing! I have bought VST Host in the Black Friday sale-25% off, so that was nice! See if I can get them all to talk to each other. I might be asking more questions yet!

Hello gtilde, more questions: how do u get the VCV Host modules to locate the jbridge folder? There is probably a simple answer, but you seem to know more about this than me!? Thank in advance.