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I think something akin to multi-select for files or text would be intuitive. So, a single click selects the step and deselects other steps; control/command click adds the step to the selection. Any editing then applies to all selected steps.

You could combine this with control/command-dragging on the settings to enable relative changes. So if you have, say, three steps selected with different values, ctrl/cmd-drag offsets the values relative to their starting value. Dragging (without holding ctrl/cmd) sets all steps to the same value

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Hey man! There have been a few things I’ve been absolutely longing for in Rack V2, I’d be happy to share.

Wrong People Tourette-Style Sampler: Tourette was one of my favorite modules that sadly seems to be dead and will never come to VCV 2, I’d love to see something new like it- a 16-piece automatic sampler that captures bits of audio randomly into one of the pieces, which are played sequentially or randomly.

Synth Percussion Modules: Eurorack has an abundance of fun percussive voices- wavetable, FM, PD, modelling, etc etc etc. This is something Rack has always lacked, and I’d love to see more (even simple ones like Dinky’s Taiko- a wavetable with a cycling pitch envelope, noise, and parallel blendable wavefolding.) In particular, a “metal” voice made of 6 detunable pulse waves with cross modulation and the like would be a fun alternative to BIA for VCV Rack.

Bytebeat V2: I love the sound of bytebeat synthesis, and I’ve recently been playing around with an Arduino build that generates audio and clock triggers from bytebeat that’s super fun.

Satanonaut Mini: Satanonaut is one of my favorite modules you’ve built, I’ve mentioned this before but I love building fixed racks and the sheer size of this lad makes it difficult to fit in. A mini version would be fun stuff.

Thanks so much for all the cool stuff you make, hope these ideas help!

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Howdy! I love your ideas. The two that stand out as most practical, short term, are the Bytebeat V2 and Satanonaut Mini. Thanks for naming the Satanonaut Mini for me! Ha ha ha.

Would Bytebeat V2 simply have more equations? I could probably add more without breaking existing patches. It’s very time consuming to create (or adapt) equations to VCV Rack, which is why I haven’t done much more on it.

The other ideas are great too, and I’ll keep them in mind.

Right now I’m working very hard on the groovebox-style module. Apart from a snazzy front panel, reset, and CV selection of “Patterns” (multiple track memory), it’s seems fully functional. It’s been simplified and improved since I first posted about it. I’m incredibly excited about how it feels now. :slight_smile:

That and another project are taking up 100% of my time. I’m working every day for at least an hour on these (plus my day job). I might reach out to you once I have time to learn more about the Synth Percussion Modules. That sounds fun!


Happy to hear from you again, Bret. Can’t wait to see what you cooked up for us!

Some nice bits in this thread. On a more global note is there any open copy/paste JSON standard? And the bottom row with jacks at the top and knobs at the bottom seems like a good idea especially considering physical implementation. Ummm, a side vertical chaining insert module? I wonder how easy a menu option to rotate module 180 degrees would be?

Hi @jackokring, there is: Portable sequence standard (proposal) - #11 by marc_boule, although I’m not adhering to it yet. I just never got around to it.

Unfortunately, that would be pretty difficult. :frowning:

This module will get a “proper” front-panel design, not just a typical Voxglitch minimalist design. More on that later. Other good news: My prototype is working!

Here’s the front panel wireframes, for reference:

If anyone wants to start testing on an “early alpha” version, here’s a link to the Windows build:

I’m working off of this branch, which should be relatively stable now:

Quick tutorial:

  1. Right-click to load up samples
  2. Supply a very fast clock.

I’m hoping that the rest is relatively self-explanatory, but let me know if you get confused. :exploding_head:


Hi Brett,
I would like to test the “early alpha” of any of your modules,
just send me a pn, or a download link here or …

Thanks!! I just updated my previous post with links to the windows distribution file and a link to the branch where I’m doing development on it. :tada:

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I’ll gonna try it asap

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mac version Dropbox - voxglitch-2.10.0-mac.vcvplugin - Simplify your life

this thing is fun @clone45

here is something


Anyone have any good name ideas? I’d love to give it a MC 202 style name, but I don’t know if something like VoxBeat 575 is too “Roland”. :smile:

Thanks Jeremy! I love your grid sequences. :heart_eyes:

Hey, thanks for making a Mac version Jeremy

Hey Bret. Seems like this is going to be a very fun machine to work with. Just tried it out and a few things already come to mind for workflow and suggustions.

  1. Would be a plus to have a Decay (or even attack/decay) as a step function. Making Hi-Hats etc shorter is a must have.
  2. Selecting the steps is now on a per-click basis. Would be nice to select one with one mouseclick and be able to slide over the rest of the steps and selecting them while holding the mouse button. (like using your finger on an Elektron machine and slide over all the step buttons)
  3. Sample selection of first 8 is already an option, but if you don’t want that selecting samples is a bit tedious. Is it an option to hold CTRL/CMD to select 8 samples of your choice in one go? Or can we use the VCV option to keep the menu open while selecting? Btw, my clock needs to be x32 for a normal BPM count.
  4. Will it be possible for each drum sequence to have it’s own length? So a Kick 16 steps, hi-hat 12 steps, percussion 7 steps for example?

But man I love this thing, so easy to sequence a something now.


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I love these ideas! I’ll get back to you after work today with my comments. :+1:

Hi Bret a great new addition to your modules!

I had a short test of the new alpha build,

I agree with Jeroen, the “DrumBox” could need some refinement,
but it is already something useable!

besides Jeroen’s additions I would like to have a bipolar pitch adjustment (for up and down pitching) if it is possible.

here is a short try of the new “DrumBox” in action:


That’s awesome! I’ll combine both of your ideas to discuss:

Ah yes, absolutely I can do this. I’ll make it happen.

I agree. What about if you could double-click on a track label to open up the sample selection box?

Btw, my clock needs to be x32 for a normal BPM count.

How does that feel? Is it OK? I did that so the ratcheting feature could have accurate timing.

I’m on the fence about this one. I realize it’s a good idea, but I’m dreading the amount of work it would take! Ha ha ha. Let me sit on this one for a bit.

AH! I understand. I like that idea. I don’t know if it will be possible or not. Those are going to be custom buttons derived from the VCV Rack button code, which will allow midi controllers and such to easily map to them. I don’t know how easy it will be to do what you’re asking, but I’ll try!!

This was in the back of my mind as well. Technically, I can do it! I could have customizable sequence lengths, or even per-track length. But that might get a little crazy. Let me get the basics done and come back to this!

I’ll explore loading samples using the double-click idea tonight. :computer_mouse:

Hi @secretcinema ,

I was successful in implementing a “double-click on the track name area” to load the track. I think it’s far easier now. I overwrote the distribution on my Google Drive with the new updates:

In summary: Double click in the colored box area to load a sample for that track. I know it’s ugly, but I want to reiterate that the panel is just temporary. :see_no_evil:

Is there a space for solo-outputs?I can imagine dedicating different effect chains to some of the tracks.

(An expander module for the extra outputs would also do. You could even call it “backpanel”… :slight_smile: )