Visual Version of VCV Rack

This has prolly been addressed elsewhere but I cant find it. Anyway I am wondering if anyone has plans or ideas about a Visual version of VCV Rack? Thinking of Brown Shoes Only Eurorack modules and the like. This would be something groundbreaking if we can get Video Synthesis in VCV rack… There would need to be something equivalent to the ES-8 to audio VCV land.

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I think realistically the visual part is something like Blocks/TouchDesigner, which looks pretty amazing…

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we can’t get the frequencies for direct video synthesis yet. for a 640x480 rgb screen running at 30hz, we need a sample frequency of 9200kHz. the fundamental vco, on its own, can only produce samples at 1/4 the required rate. that’s just one module.
so direct synthesis will need a different approach.
as Lars says, touchdesigner or something like it is a more realistic approach.

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It’s entirely possible, but the screen size will just have to be small at the allowed sample rates.

Someone could make a RGB video module that renders at about 70p30fps. If the user selects 192kHz, that’d leave you with 192k/70/30 = 91 “pixels” per scanline. That should be enough to satisfy many people. I might even consider allowing higher sample rates (352.8kHz, 384, 705.6, 768) in Rack’s engine. This would allow up to 138p30fps with 768kHz. That’s better than the Numa Numa video on Youtube.


Has there been progress here?

thats my patch :smiley:


So has there been progress in this area or is the status the same as @Vortico reported in jan’19?

I’d like to incorporate synthesized video into a VCV performance. I’m thinking something like live coding (Kodelife or such) where I can modulate the variable parameters of the shader code from within a VCV module.

Is something like this possible? Is there a better approach?

Thanks in advance

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