Deadmau5 playing with Rack and TouchDesigner

I watched a fascinating stream of deadmau5 playing with a (Turing Machine) VCV Rack patch, and using it to drive the TouchDesigner program, which is for producing realtime visual animations. Fascinating stuff!
Start at 01:51:00 …


Thanks for sharing this Lars, I find it very interesting to watch ANY artist working… to see Deadmau5 playing with vcvrack was quite instructive. Happy New Year!

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oh dang this is great!

Slightly off topic (but related to Turing Machine)…does anyone know how to get Turing up and running on a Mac? Thanks in advance (and for posting this video)!

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Download, unzip it in your plugins directory and restart Rack. Done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. When I “show package contents” I do not have a Plugins directory. Do I manually create one?

No. Your plugins directory on a Mac is $HOME/Documents/Rack/plugins/. This is where all plugins are installed to. You unzip the zipped directory into that plugins directory, so that afterwards you have the $HOME/Documents/Rack/plugins/StellareModular/ directory. See also

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Yep, facepalmed myself after posting that overly-architected attempt. Got it. :raised_hands: Thanks again!

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No prob, you’re welcome!