=== very cool patch challenge, edition 47: New Year 2020 ===

happy new year!

you are challenged to make a patch in vcv rack to showcase creative use of modules, so other users may get inspired. you can also win eternal fame!

for the first edition in the new year, the challenge is to make a patch with exactly 20 modules
(audio and optional recorder excluded).

the optional extended challenge is to make a collab patch of 20+20 modules with another rackhead.

good luck!

== rules ==

  • make a patch in vcv rack using the chosen module and upload your patch to https://patchstorage.com/ and/or in your reply to this thread
  • tag your upload with vcp-47
  • you are encouraged to only use free modules in the patch, but this is not required
  • make a video showcasing your patch and upload it to youtube
  • add a link to your video as a comment to this post (these videos will be collected in a playlist)
  • give feedback on other participants’ patches

deadline: monday end of the day, wherever you are, january 13th (though late entries will still be added to the playlist)

a new challenge with a different module will be announced every other tuesday.


@AdiQ Would you share it with me? I love the idea.

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how about extending the challenge a bit by using 20 modules, that we have never used? I will do this in any way. :metal::sunglasses:

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That’s going to be a lot harder for some people than others. I’m pretty sure I’ve at least tried every oscillator (though not every module).

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Here’s mine!


Sure man, I’m down!

Happy new decade! Here’s my entry:

The Theme of the Year 2020

I wanted to take the time to rehearse more and shoot a fancier live performance with my camera, but the new year is a bit too busy for that and I wanted to get it done today, so whatevs.

All the VCV users I personally know aren’t on this forum, so I’ll pass on the extended challenge.

A few notes:

  • Careful when opening the file, it autoplays sound (the mixer doesn’t save mute status).
  • I consider the Submarine WM-101 Wire Manager as not counting towards the 20 modules limit, because it can be removed without altering the patch in any way.
  • I consider the Starling Via Meta as a single module, as its expander cannot be removed in VCV (and is not used in my patch).
  • Yes, all my entries to this challenge will have stupid gimmicks added to the main rule.

Patch: vcp-47-e.vcv (393.2 KB)


Happy new year everybody!


Jose, almost thought I was listening to a twisted version of the Bee Gees’ “How Deep is Your Love”.

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:smile: Bee Gees on drugs maybe

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Here’s my entry

I wanted to do something chilled like a sultry summer night in the city :slight_smile:


Step Towards

20 modules plus recording and audio output modules

vcp-47 steps towards.vcv (114.8 KB)


:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: YEAH - LET´S DO THIS! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: (sorry for the all caps)

Inspired by the “303+808+909=2020”-meme I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and do some acid-inspired music. First draft took about 20 minutes, then a couple of days to refine & add modules to reach 20.

So here is my “Acid2020” :skull::skull::skull:

And the patch is here:

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pumpin supplied by msm’s inv output on the ADSR n big thanks to artem (vcvrackideas) for recent youtube vid demonstrating this

happy 2020 y’all!!!


hi mate, i done u a remix - hope u like :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Do extensions for modules count as separate modules?

Nice! Disclaimer on my side, acid-music or the likes is out of my comfort zone, but this was awesome. Was that ADSR doing something like a sidechain or did I just look at it to fast?

yeah the INV output sent to vol CV ducks the signal with same clock trigger for kick n bass (etc) i just realised as well, taking the slew meter fall cv to the LLFO out gives lots more acidy goodness

i really enjoyed doing this as ur patch took me outta my comfort zone - ive never used the 2 seqs from CF or the slew meter, n its the 1st time ive got something effective from the acid module

thanks mate :yum:

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that’s up for debate. i’m fine with it either way.

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Here is my entry, as well as my very first post on these forums!

Hello, everyone!