Vermona Melodicer in VCV Rack ?

Hi, I’d like to know if there is a module or modules combination that can do what Vermona’s Melodicer can (or come very very close and are just as simple to use). The stochastic sequencers I saw so far are mostly only for gates, not for pitch. Or did I miss something ?

Thanks in advance

Hello there, there is this thread which might help you with the Vermona Melodicer

(strike New) Updated Venom Plugin v2.1.4 now available in the Library! - Announcements - VCV Community (

Isn’t that thread more about the Vermona Random Rhythm ?

Hi, what is the main functionality of the Melodicer that you would like to achieve?

I am currently working on some (semi-) random sequencers for VCV and after I saw your post I got interested in the Melodicer as well. Especially the topic of the predictability is fascinating, if you don’t dice the sequence is fully deterministic if I understand it correctly. If you move a note slider and move it back to its original position you get the same sequence as you had before. At least that’s how it looks to me when I watch Youtube videos about it.

I have a first prototype available with this behavior, but I can currently only build for Windows and it might take some time until it gets into the Library. If Windows is fine for you I can provide you the first version and you can tell me if it’s going in the right direction.


Hi, thanks for your message, really cool. What I mainly want is the ability to set the probability of a note with a slider’s position. So if you only want Cs, D#s and Gs you just move those 3 sliders to a certian position and it sets the probability of those notes playing. The Melodicer has of course much more, but that’s just extra stuff that’s of course welcome, but not mandatory.

Here is also a link to the Melodicer manual in case you want to look something up:

I am of course open to help testing a prototype. But I don’t know how to build stuff myself. But if you have a compiled prototype, count me in :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks but I already had a look into the manual. :smile:

The prototype currently looks like this:

(It’s pretty large because it was just a copy of another module and I didn’t think about UI design yet, functionality first)

There is no functionality for the rhythm yet, and the range sliders are also not working until now.

There is a little difference between complete randomness and more predictable randomness:

Complete randomness means that if you set the sequencer to for example 8 steps, the next 8 steps will sound completely different even if you don’t change any parameter.

The Melodicer only does this in “real time mode”. In this mode it basically rerolls the dice after the sequence starts again.

If you are in “dice mode” the next 8 steps will sound the same if you don’t change any parameter. The next 8 steps will only sound different if you either “roll a dice” (create a new seed for the randomness, more information might be available here: Pseudorandom number generator - Wikipedia) or change the predictability of the note.

Does that differentiation make sense? It is also explained in the Melodicer manual under “To Dice or not to Dice”.

I will do some clean-up and then send you the Windows build via PM. I don’t think I will find the time anymore today though.

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Try this:


Ah this is great too. Somehow I had overlooked this one. I had opened it, but didn’t immediately “recognize” its functions. Thanks !


Hi, yes no hurry, take your time

During my research I stumbled upon this Eurorack module: SIG+ Looks like its similar to Melodicer but got also some more options. I am currently wondering what a “best-of-both-worlds” would look like. :slight_smile:

@Wanterkeelt Does ProbKey fit your needs?

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I recently bought a used SIG+, it’s on its way to me, so I will try it out in the next weeks :slight_smile: ProbKey indeed does what I was looking for, it’s a cool module.


To not further write about offtopic in this thread I will put all the information about my work into my other development thread: Partly deterministic fractal sequencer - #10 by Tobi

Back to Melodicer and Co! :slight_smile: Perhaps we got even other alternatives already in VCV.