VCV2 Modules

Hello, everyone!

I hope everybody is having the time of their lives with the new VCV release, I definitely am!

I wanted to ask if anyone is experiencing trouble getting their hands on certain plugins? For instance I can’t seem to find Chronoblob in VCV2, although I am sure that I’ve seen some users employing it. Am I just mistaken or am I missing something?

Sorry if the questions is a bit out of place, but I think we all know how it feels being without that one module hahaha Thanks!!

Alright Devices- Chronoblob2 is currently in beta test. you can download the [ .vcvplugin] file corresponding to your OS, put it in your Rack2/plugins folder and Voila!


You are absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Edit: Works like a charm! Happiness intensified! :DDD