Looking for beta testers for Alright Devices v2

I’ve updated my plugin for Rack v2 now that the ABI is stable. If anyone is interested in testing it out, here are the download links:

Linux: http://beta.alrightdevices.com/AlrightDevices-2.0.0-lin.vcvplugin

Mac: http://beta.alrightdevices.com/AlrightDevices-2.0.0-mac.vcvplugin

Windows: http://beta.alrightdevices.com/AlrightDevices-2.0.0-win.vcvplugin

Please let me know if you run into any issues!


A quick check on my Mac and everything looks great! I’ll dive deeper after I’m done teaching for the night. So nice to have Chronoblob 2! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I tried them on Win10 with the beta 1,
they run without any issues here.

Are they still up ? I can test on Linux here but can’t download now.

The download links are not https, so depending on your browser you might be having a security issue, try right clicking and save link as…

Chronoblob working great for me on windows


Ah, thanks for the tip. I’ve edited the links.

Sure enough, it’s a security issue. Resolved by using wget from the terminal. Worked perfectly. Plugins show in the browser, now on to testing. Thanks !

Sounds great here too so far.

Windows 10 Pro ,Version 21H1 i7-3520M/ Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

Chronoblob2 is working well, Multiple instances… Cheers!

Thanks so much for this, Tyler! I’m testing things right now, and Chronoblob2 seems to work as expected. About T-Wrex, there’s a weird behavior with the Chomp CV input. When sending negative voltage (higher than -5v), there are still noises happening, even when the knob is still all the way left. There are also clicks and pops when turning the knob. About ZZZORB, I’m not so sure if that’s a feature but when connecting something to the pitch input, the VCA is not working through the filter outputs so there’s no sound other than the resonance. Other than this, things look like they work as expected. The port labels are great, and even the bypass feature is working. Thanks again so much!

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I knew you’d be very happy having the blob available in v2.

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Thanks! I just tracked down and fixed those bugs. They actually are present in the v1 plugin too, but I never noticed. :man_facepalming:


Just a note of thanks for Chronoblob2. Truly awesome delay ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for everything you do!

Better late than never. Thanks a bunch for porting theses and fixing the olden bugs so quickly!

Could you provide new beta1 builds with those fixes for testing pretty please?

Just tested Chronoblob2 in beta Rack 2 with simple basskick. Working.

Sure! I just uploaded new builds with those bugfixes, just redownload from the links in the OP.

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Downloaded and tested on a MacBook pro, i9. CPU Usage seems quite low, and everything seems to sound great. Thanks for this, it was on my most missed list.

Thanks for these Tyler. Amazing modules! Chronoblob2 is in nearly every patch I make. When the inevitable day comes that I start building a practical eurorack, Chronoblob2 will be among the first 5 modules. Having the virtual version to learn on has been a really fun experience. Last night was getting some cool and surprising results with Zzzorb into the send/return in single delay mode (in VCV v1). Sounds cool already but then hit Chronoblob2’s sync with a high speed clock every now and then and holy cow, better have a compressor connected before the audio out. Sounds killer. Cheers!

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To clarify, I had Vult Caudal modulating CV of Zzzorb, including sometimes the pitch CV. Even with that high degree of randomness in the patch, I thought something was fishy but couldn’t put my finger on it with the specificity that Omri described above. Actually I didn’t dig too deep because I was still getting cool results out of it. But it sounds like that bug would explain what was sounding “unexpected”. I’ll have a go with the updated v2 modules in a similar setup and find out what happens. I expect that with your changes it will sound even better. :slight_smile: