Looking for beta testers for Alright Devices v2

I feel like too much of a novice to give any insightful beta feedback, but I can’t tell you happy I was to see this post. Chronoblob is in my base template.

Thanks Tyler. Works great on my Mac OS Monterey

Thanks everyone for helping with testing and for the kind words! I’ve sent the new builds off to Andrew, so it should show up in the plugin library soon.


Fantastic news! Congratulations, @AlrightDevices !

Fantastic news!!! Nice to have to have them in Rack. By the way - in case you’re not aware - your module has been one of the most hotly-requested modules that hadn’t been updated yet!


I’m pretty sure that Support has gotten dozens of bug reports about it already :stuck_out_tongue:


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I was doing some more testing of the beta, which is generally a great mindset for better learning the tools. I didn’t find any problems, just more good ideas for using your modules later. Then suddenly VCV2 released and I had to abandon my post at the beta test site. Looking forward to taking a deeper dive with them soon. Thank you!

It may seem sacrilege to graffiti up the pristine white panel, but I love it and use it so much I made it match my preference in cable colors. For my use only obviously. Cheers!


Looks great! Super ethereal, reminds me of Gengar. You’re free to share it though, as the panel graphics are licensed CC BY-NC-SA: Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International — CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Hello, I would like to test your modules but I don’t know what to do with the downloaded .vcvplugin-file. Where does it belong? I am on a MAC. Thanks for your help.

Place the .vcvplugin in: Documents → Rack2 → plugins

Thanks for the fast reply. I will try this when I am at home from office.

I have now installed the plugins and Chronoblob works fine. O have a path with 3 instances of Chronoblob without problems. Thank you very much.

The plugin is now in the official library. Thanks everyone for helping with testing!


Good times Tyler! May the blob be with you! And us now officially too! VCV-land can breathe a sigh of relief. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats and thank you !

I may be wrong but I believe that only the wet signal was coming out of the module, discarding the D/W knob. Can someone confirm ?

Thanks @AlrightDevices, and congratulations!!! Many happy Rackers today.

@TanaBarbier – For Chronoblob2? I just tested D/W over here and it seems to work as expected (Win10 Pro V2 standalone, not that platform should make a big difference for that functionality…)

You’re wired up like this?

Working here too.

Yep, dry/wet in Chronoblob2 and both dry/wet in T-Wrex working for me. Today is a good day. :heart_eyes:

Thanks @AlrightDevices !!!