Hello everyone, this is my first post so I hope this topic is in the right place. i started using the VST on ableton live 11 and its great, but I can´t adjust the refresh rate on the vst version. While I can do it in the standalone version, the VST version doesnt allow me to reduce the frame rate and this weird bug sometimes makes my CPU work pretty hard. Is there something I´m not doing right? Wish we could have the frame rate controls on the vst version.


There’s several threads about this in the last few days. Please search and then consider closing this post. Thanks.

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Yes, it has been discussed in comments buried in other threads, but as far as I can tell there is no solution that has been posted. I’ve searched several times and if you have a link to something that will solve the issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve tried lowering ableton’s framerate, yet the VCV vst continues to run around 90fps, causing my macbook pro to cry.

I’ve tried “-MaxFpsMac=15” in ableton 10’s options.txt and “-MaxUiFrameRateHz=30” in ableton 11 with no change in VCV’s framerate.

without a fix, VCV is unusable as a vst in a relatively new MBP with 16gb ram.

thanks for that. unfortunately, none of the suggestions really help with the VST version running in Ableton.

as mentioned, there seems to be no way to manage the VCV vst frame rate, and although minimizing window size helps a little, it is still working much too hard to run even the simplest patch. Not to mention the fact that every time you reopen the plugin, it auto-maximizes the window again.

It really does seem to be a problem of frame rate. In standalone, things run great as long as it’s set at 30fps or under.

If anybody finds a way to limit the frame rate within ableton, please share.

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The strange thing is, in FL Studio, the VCVRack VST seems to be capped at 15 FPS or so.

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I have managed somehow to limit vst Fps by tweaking ableton settings in the Nvidia control panel (win7+gtx970)-i don’t know about mac or amd gpus, maybe there is a similar option…


Thank you for the amazing tip! VcV Rack Vst is now showing max 20fps in Ableton 11.1 Windows (that’s minimum in Nvidia Settings/ For my old machine I found VcV works best at 12-15 fps). I hope this will smooth out overall my Ableton experience.

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