Hi there, welcome and great to see you!

Are you having a problem with VCV Rack? Ok, there’s lots of folks here willing to help you, for free even, but please bear a couple of things in mind before you write:

  • Search before you post! Chances by now are that a hundred people besides you have asked the same question and it’s already been answered. Please realize that the patience of the helpful people in here, who are just users like you, might be wearing a bit thin at the 101st time the same question is asked, and you might not get the helpful reply you hoped for. See that magnifying glass up there on the right? YES, you can search this forum, it’s just like Google 'ya know, use good search words. It’s right here: https://community.vcvrack.com/search

  • If you can’t find your answer by searching you can post your question here, but please do it well, then there’s a much better chance that you will get a good answer. Write what operating system and version you’re on. Write what version of VCV Rack your’re having the problem in. Please try and describe your problem as well as you can. “Rack crashes, help!” will probably not get you a good reply. What exactly did you do and what exactly happened?

  • And if all else fails, please realize that this community forum is actually not official VCV support, it just happens to host an amazing community full of helpful and enthusiastic users, just like you, but maybe your problem should instead be written to https://vcvrack.com/support where you can get official support from VCV.

Thank you! And welcome again, hope you’ll have a great time with Rack and do share what you make with it, we’d love to see it!