VCV Vst CV2MIDI issue.

Hi y’all. The last couple of weeks I have been working on a system in VCV Vst to enable me to create sequences on the fly: recording them live. The issues I’m confronted with are: when I send the gate/trig out to the DAW (bitwig in my case) using the CV-MIDI fundamental module, some of the triggers get lost. I have to insert a gate modifier to ensure consistent gating/triggering. I also encountered inconsistencies in the V/Oct behaviour which disappeared after deleting and reinserting the CV-MIDI module: the octaves of the sequenced notes got mixed up; notes that are lower in VCV get interpreted as higher in bitwig.

Before I make a bug report, does anyone experience similar issues? (Win10, bitwig 4.1.2, VCV vst 2.0.4) (I had issues with 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 so I reinstalled 2.0.4)

I have had a lot of trouble sending MIDI out back to Bitwig (as well as some issues with MIDI In being slightly slew’d when receiving values with a large gap between)

Been meaning to post about it but hadnt put together a comprehensive enough description of the bugs

Unfortunately different manufacturers don’t agree on what MIDI notes mean:

You can argue about whether Rack, Bitwig, Ableton, etc… are to blame but that won’t get you anywhere.

But lost gates doesn’t sound good. Search the forum, I think other people are experiencing this as well and I’m sure some bugs are being worked on.

I am aware of the “middle C isn’t middle C” issue. It differs from DAW to DAW, but this is not what I mean. I probably didn’t explain well enough. I’ll try again. Say I have a sequence: C4, G3, G4, A3. (To keep it simple.) What I then hear, after being sent to bitwig, is: C4, G4, G4, A3 or a variation thereof. So the G3 becomes a G4 while the C4 stays a C4. And soforth with longer sequences. It also seems completely arbitrary and unpredictable. As mentioned, the issue disappeared after reloading the CV-MIDI module.
I just wanted to get some feedback if this was an issue for other people as well before contacting support. Because I’m sure they’re working on all kinds of issues.

Weird, no I haven’t heard of that one before.

In MIDI pitch goes from 1 to 127. The spec says 60 is “Middle C”, but does not specify what that middle C actually is. So in MIDI 60 is always 60, but the name isn’t specified.

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