Are you sure you git cloned the correct branch ?, v2 is not allways default.It is now in VCV-Recorder, but if you cloned before, and just do git-pull you might not have changed the branch correctly(?)
“version” in plugin.json must match your rack major version. (2.*) - or they don’t show up in the browser. Not sure if anything is in log.txt.


(I missed this more than once)

yes, as I said wwwaaayyyy back there, that’s what I do. Record mp2 and transcode to h-264.

Maybe start working on a simpler module than the VCV-Recorder and come back after gaining some experience in module coding.

yes it was. It is visible now though, so that’s a win. reading up on ffmpeg and what’s needed to get it to save as mp4…

That may be the smart thing to de indeed.

It is the smart thing, for sure. It’s much easier to transcode with ffmpeg after the fact.

Also, if you were to try this (sounds difficult!) I would look at what was done in the v1 plugin to make that work. The source code it still up there, just on a different branch, I think.

Thanks I had a quick look at V1 already. I may try and replicate that and or implement it as a trans code after the fact.

For now it’s mainly about the exercise. working with C++ to do plugins… As you said re-encoding mpg to mp4 is perfectly doable as an extra step.

I may even try and make that a default step inside the/a module. :wink: