VCV Recorder: Recording video with new VCV record module

The new record module works great on audio! When I try to record video, the VCV Rack screen stutters a great deal… Yet, the recording comes out ok.

But, this has an unusable situation for me as I use Tact modules to “perform” the patch. With the stuttering, it’s just not workable. I do have OBS as an alternative.

Any suggestions on remedying this??

Thanks! John

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lowering the framerate might help

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot.

For those on Windows 10, the Xbox Game Bar seems to work great with minmal fuss.

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I’m trying Xbox game bar but not getting audio i seem to be on the recommended settings?

and if anyone can help with connecting the VCV rack record module that would be great! part of the fun I guess is having to hunt this stuff down I

The “XBox game bar” is unrelated to VCV Recorder.

To connect the VCV Recorder module, simply connect an audio signal to its Left and/or Right inputs.

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thanks for replying so quickly yes I was just trying two routes at once. The recorder module works now.

It will only record the inner window of Rack.