VCV Rack on iOS/Android devices?

(Unknwn Origin) #1

Is there any possibility of seeing a mobile version of VCVRack? It would be great to configure patches on my breaks at work or when commuting on public transport. I understand the restrictions and difficulties Apple would likely present to an iOS App, but it would be cool to see this happen.

(Martin) #2

Not planned - see more in the FAQ :slight_smile:

(Unknwn Origin) #3

Thanks for the response. New here & to modular systems as a whole. Would have been a cool app I’d happily pay for but understand all the licensing side and knew the iOS would be a nightmare for it (ie needing to be jailbroken).

Oh well, we can dream haha

(Denis Tercier) #4

No mobile device could technically afford something like rack. You can put down some ideas with “modthynth” on Android. I know that there’s something closer to vcv on IOS. But I don’t remember the name.

(Nikolai V. Chr.) #5

Moog Model 15 app?

(Antonio Tuzzi) #6


(Andrew Belt) #7

Yes, the summary of my answer in the FAQ is that Apple doesn’t want applications like Rack to exist on their mobile platform, so I have no plans to attempt to work against their wishes. It is up to the consumer to make informed decisions before purchasing their mobile hardware.

(Skrylar) #8

Caustic 3 is close to this. There is even a fully modular tab where you can add / route some machines around.

I bought a copy and played with it some, although it always runs my phone hot even when its barely doing anything.

(Denis Tercier) #9

Yes! GOD! how could I have forgot it. But on Caustic, it’s just about creating sound you’ll play next with a sequencer. With modsynth you have almost infinite space to manage creating self generative music with complex patches. Minus compared to caustic, there’s little connections on modules for cv mod.

(Nik Jewell) #10

I think the latest ARM chips probably are up to the task but as Andrew says the other barriers are far too high.

Rumours abound that Apple will move its Macs off Intel and onto ARM beginning in 2020, which, if true, suggests that they believe ARM can deliver the processing power required for professional applications - one will assume that everything will be tweaked to run their flagship Final Cut Pro.

IOS and OS X will presumably be merged, OpenGL will be nowhere in sight, and everything will be in the App store.

That’s the vision I reckon and Apple have never cared about backwards compatibility, either in software or hardware (I wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation of Macs lacked a headphone socket).

Personally I think that Apple has now passed its zenith and is beginning the long slow decline like IBM and Microsoft before it and I hope somebody at HQ will see sense and realise that the attempt to entirely roof over the walled garden will be their final undoing.

[ Yes, I have a downer on Apple at the moment ! :wink: ]