VCV Rack Modules You Want in Eurorack

Title says it all. Since the “Eurorack Modules You Want in VCV Rack” thread seems to be really popular around here, I was curious about the other way around. What modules would you love to see ported to euro? Are there any alternatives available? What makes them so unique to you? This is yet another place to show our love and appreciation for the effort developers put into this community. Who knows, this might even encourage some of them to make the leap over to the hardware world, like we’ve seen before with the Vult stuff and more recently with the Warp Core module by Infrasonic Audio.

I’ll kick things off with two of my favorite collections: Geodesics (especially the Energy oscillators and Fate, though Branes and Blackholes would be awesome as well) and AlliewayAudio (Bumper and Koan). I’m constantly reaching for these modules and I think they would be very unique in hardware!


I second all the AlliewayAudio modules. Also I would love to have Valley Plateau as hardware!


Jup. Valley plateau as both eurorack module and guitar pedal (stereo) format!

Other than that I’d wish for bogaudio LLFO because of the scale and offset knobs.

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Dear @AlliewayAudio any chance to see hardware versions of Bumper and Koan anytime in the future?


Wouldn’t mind one of these…


I’d love Bogaudio FM-OP as real hardware, I’d buy a few


Hi @jomas and @m9dfukc ! Thanks so much for the kind words :smiley: The plan is still to make these modules a physical reality in the next few years, but unfortunately I can’t make any guarantees right now since I am in the middle of finishing a degree in Electrical Engineering (which should help me accomplish that goal), so my free time for projects is a bit limited. That being said, the priority for AlliewayAudio at the moment is finishing a couple new VCV modules I’ve been prototyping (one of which is near ready for beta), as well as hopefully making some new videos in the near future. I’ve learned by now, however, not to make any promises on deadlines since university will always be the #1 priority for the time being :cry:

Super grateful for your support and encouragement, I’m so grateful for the people who’ve used and enjoyed my creations :slight_smile:

<3 Allie

Addendum: Just for clarification, the new VCV modules will either be part of my premium “series 1” package, or released as part of the freebies plugin - the goal is still for series 1 to have (at least) 5 full-featured modules (with some fun mods/variants added as well down the line)


Super excited to know there might be more AlliewayAudio coming to VCV Rack! Looking forward to it, whenever that happens. :slight_smile:

Yes! That was one of my initial picks. I would love me some Fundamental modules as well (being a sucker for Doepfer). I find the new shift register very different from what is available in hardware.

Yeah, the “VCV Sample & Hold Analog Shift Register” is a clever module, already using it and favorited.


Impromptu Clocked and expanders, please.

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16 channels polyphony in one cable :sunglasses:


Maybe not as many as 16 voices, but Tiptop have promised their ART polyphonic cable plus system of modules will arrive at some point


My #1 pick just arrived.


Snap! And you know it’s from a professional module developer when it arrives with free chocolate! :smiley:


I reply to myself because tonight I had the enlightment :broccoli:



That would be epic. ShapeMaster and even a simplified PatchMaster would be very cool too.

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That looks very very cool :heart_eyes:

The floodgates have opened; exciting times

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